With the speed of news now a days, it’s becoming increasing common to find typos from major news outlets. Sadly it’s more common than it should be. You would imagine that a site as high profile as NPR would not make these mistakes, but I guess with lack of funding this is the type of...
reporter ruins world record, reporter messes up world record
At the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California, a group of bubbly people gathered. About 150 folks wanted to set a Guinness World Record for the most people to step inside a bubble. Fan Yang is the “bubble scientist” behind the feat. He helped organized and direct the people into the massive bubble of...
This looks like it could be something straight out of the forth coming Grand Theft Auto. By no means is this your “ordinary” police chase. For starters, it involves an 18-wheeler loaded with lumber. If that weren’t enough, the wood goes up in flames after the rear tire is blown out, and a lit tire...
Where we get our news is changing quite a bit. What started as gab at the local feed shop is now instantly in our hands. Once delivered by local newspapers, then through the airwaves via radio and TV and of course most recently the internets. But increasingly we are getting our news now on-the-go. With...
I know April Fools was last week, but this is just too good to pass up. I’ve seen some great pranks over the last week but not one where they embarrassed they’re co-worker in front of thousands of loyal viewers. It will be awhile before she hears the end of this. This video comes from...
I feel really bad at laughing at this but it’s just too perfect, timing-wise. What are the odds of this taking place? It makes me feel like lesser of a human being getting any sort of enjoyment from this, but I just can’t help myself. When Laura got struck by lightning I’d bet she didn’t...
With the popularity of Twitter and Facebook and with their constant stream of information, it’s only natural that a lot of use get our “breaking news” from such sites. A message can spread on Twitter faster than CNN can get the story, write it and post it. This happened recently with Wyclef Jean (of the...
Most everyone has at the very least heard of Anonymous but there has been a lot of different information about them floating around on their motives and tactics. Part of the issue is that they are not a “set” group per se. They are composed of individuals who come together for various reasons. Describing itself...
This might be a town I’d enjoy living in. I would feel safe not only that events like this bring caution, but also that the police respond in such a manner and even further that it makes the daily paper. Could you imagine only having things like this to report. Clearly when this is the...
The good ol’ “Fair & Balanced” Fox News is up to their normal shenanigans. During a recent report about the violent Wisconsin protests on the O’Rielly Show they cut between reporter Mike Tobin and the “protests in Madison, WI”. The problem? Have you ever seen palm trees in Madison? Just another example of the right-wing...
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