See on Scoop.it – Infographics and Social Media With infographics, seeing is believing, and this smart infographic does a better job articulating the essence of a quality infographic than I could with 1,000 (A Simple and Powerful Definition of Infographics http://t.co/ETSqiCGJ...)… See on www.business2community.com
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Social media jobs are still fairly new to the scene, and all the more glamorous. Onward Search’s new infographic explores how much money social media empoyees are making and where they are. You will also see the many job possibilites for those interested in the field, and a salary range for each. © 2012 Onward...
Onward Search’s new infographic explores the job and salary possibilities in the top 20 U.S. markets for SEO specialists. Search engine optimization is a growing field and there is always room to move up. © 2011 Onward Search
Via Scoop.it – Infographics and Social Media Infographics are a trend nowadays and almost everyone can create one in a jiffy with some interesting facts and a design program, but to design a great one takes a little bit more than that. Go to original post
  Technology has advanced to a point where cell phones are able to do more than just make phone calls. Enter the world of mobile payments…but what are mobile payments? Since it is a relatively new industry and there is a lot of confusion even in defining mobile payments, this infographic from Mobile Payments Today...