See on Scoop.it – thefuture Many marketing folks have started throwing Google+ by the wayside as they create online marketing strategies in favor of greener pastures over at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Vine.   This is partly because Google+ simply does not have as many users as the other huge social platforms out there. There have also...
See on Scoop.it – Startup & Silicon Valley News, Culture Techies tired of making the daily pilgrimage by bus to Google’s Mountain View headquarters may soon have another option: the search giant has plans to rent or buy space in the Mission, according to… See on blog.sfgate.com
See on Scoop.it – Infographics and Social Media Google+ is more than half a year old. Check how fast it grows, who are its users and who they like the most. See on www.website-monitoring.com
One of the most exciting moments in Internet technology happened when Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford in 1995. The pair began working together on a small project called “BackRub”, a simple search engine to explore the world wide web. They had no idea what significance that took place at the start of...
Most all of us use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter on a daily basis. But have you ever wondered exactly how the majority of the US goes about their time online, or who stacks up the most clicks? Check out this cool graphic which breaks it all down.
Google is the largest search engine and a force to be reckoned with. They’ve got their virtual foot in almost every door. From the coupon game to their recent addition of their cloud music service, they do whatever they want, when they want to. Check out this great graphic from Pingdom which show all the...
As if taking on Groupon and LivingSocial weren’t enough for these big hitters, it looks like they’re next venture might be Skype. A source supposedly in the know recently reported to Routers that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is interested in buying the company for $3 – $4 billion. Another source stated that that Google is...
Facebook will be launching a Groupon competitor called Deals in five cites. The cities set for initial release are San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta and San Diego. Facebook told The New York Times that the local offers made to Deals users will be delivered via email and will also appear in users’ news feeds. Examples...
Recently there has been quite a stir over a possible music service from Google. While details have been slim, there has been quite a bit of speculation. Amongst all this hubbub, Google has gone and registered the following domain names: GoogleBass.com, GoogleAlto.com, GoogleSoprano and GoogleTenor.com along with GoogleNebula.com, GoogleThunder.com and GoogleLightning.com. Now if those don’t seem...
Google is always expanding their offerings and usually it’s something pretty awesome. There most recent addition to Google Street View is some historic landmarks in France and Italy. Some of the places you can now visit via your computer screen are the Imperial Forum and the Coliseum in Rome, Santa Maria del Fiore and Ponte Vecchio in Florence,...
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