Looks like the infamous white iPhone might actually finally be here. One Belgian retailer (Van Roey) has received their first shipment. But it’ll cost you a whole lot, $935 for the 16GB and $1,095 for the 32GB. I don’t know about you but I certainly would pay that much for this pearly phone. Maybe there...
With rumors swirling around about when the iPhone 5 will be released (June, at WDC?) and what features it might have (better camera, no home button, bigger screen, better resolution, new design?) there are many people who will be camped out to get it the moment they can. Thanks to Frankie over at MacTrast we...
The folks at the French site NowhereElse have put together this great infographic listing all the possible rumors surrounding the iPhone 5. They also rate the probability of each rumor. Better camera, no home button, bigger screen, better resolution, new design? What so you think is going to be some of the better improvements this...
So you say you’ve got a Scrooge McDuck safe worth of gold coins laying around? What better way to throw it all away then on an $8,000,000 Apple iPad 2.   From designer Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, comes this huge waste for your hard earned cash. Labeled the Gold History Edition he describes it as:...
I wanted to share an email taken from Kevin Rose’s blog which he received from a friend of his that works at Apple in Japan. It goes into detail all the various ways that they are helping all of their employees and even in some cases their family members too. It’s responses like this from...

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