This One Technique Should Be Your Social Media Foundation

Insightful, personal stories are the most effective path to get people caring about your brand.

As the Internet has become firmly ingrained in our lives, there’s never been a better chance to develop or grow a global business. However, the world wide web has created a more discerning customer who is not content to be simply a number. This rapid development of technology has meant that in order to flourish, businesses need to distinguish themselves from the competition and this can be accomplished by getting a little personal.

Social Media and Story Sharing

While social media offers an effective platform for showcasing your products and services, it is also the perfect place to create a little customer rapport. Many businesses use Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and others to market their products and services to potential customers. However, the savviest business owners add a personal touch to their timelines by sharing unique stories. That in turn causes people to share those stories more.

In this modern world, people want to connect. We see this every day with movie stars and television personalities offering us a snapshot (or a Snapchat) into their world. Does this make us more inclined to pay to watch their latest movie or tune into their TV show? Experts say yes. The same principles can be applied to businesses. When customers are looking for a company, they are more likely to connect with one that appears to be genuinely interested in building a customer relationship rather than just fulfilling a single order.

The businesses that are the most effective on social media use various platforms to let customers see inside their business. This type of snapshot is a popular way to show the passion you have for your industry as well as allow customers to meet your team, at least in a cyber sense. Putting a face to a name will allow customers to feel that they are dealing with a human being rather than a nameless call center operator.

Stories to Share

The prospect of sharing personal stories is often a little daunting for business owners new to social media. Fortunately, there are some basic principles to follow. For example, you will want to keep your stories and content professional. By all means, inject some fun and enthusiasm into your content, but customers don’t need to hear about your wild night on the town.

You should already be aware of your clients’ likes and dislikes, so tailoring your content to show your genuine interest can be a priceless marketing approach. If you’re in the consumer food industry, a proper example of this could be featuring pictures on Instagram and Twitter of dishes you have made with ingredients you supply in your store.

If you get a little creative and personalize your content, you are sure to appeal to existing and potential customers. Just remember the golden rule: If it would not be appropriate to say to a customer in person or on the phone, don’t put it on your social media.

Learn About Your Customers

Truly successful businesses understand their customers and tailor their stories and marketing to suit them. This will always be a challenge, but with a little legwork, as well as the right tools, you can stay cognizant of how your customers feel and what content you should show them.

These days, competition is fierce, and the Internet has made it so that even local businesses are competing in a global market. Fortunately, this open marketplace means that even a small business can use cost-effective marketing strategies to build customer relationships and loyalty. Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with customers on a personal level. Fun and creative stories and experiences can generate customer loyalty and may even have your existing customers recommending you to their network of friends, subscribers and followers.

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