Product Packaging Tips To Help Your Brand Stand Out

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There’s no doubt that packaging is a key aspect of selling any product. This concept even applies to e-commerce businesses, as packaging influences customer retention. As more companies realize the importance of product unboxing, the world of packaging gets more competitive. Let’s explore some product packaging tips to help your brand stand out from the competition.

Invest in High-Quality Materials

A high-quality product is step one, but high-quality packaging raises customer expectations. Every decision you make regarding packaging quality expresses your brand’s values to your customers. Look at every aspect of your packaging as an opportunity to impress.

For example, consider switching plastic sleeves for reusable fabric ones or switching from plain packing tape to a branded alternative. Likewise, if the materials you use for packaging are delicate or easily scratched, try double boxing the product before shipping. The goal is to always find ways to enhance the opening experience.

Use Packaging To Showcase Your Products

In the digital age, every product is leaving the warehouse and potentially entering a photoshoot. Product packaging gives companies the chance to showcase, frame, and present their products in genuinely inventive ways. After all, you want to ensure that your customers receive an unboxing experience worth generating social media content about.

As you design your packaging, picture how the unboxing process looks on video. You can also photograph each stage of the opening process. Always aim to have the packaging complement and celebrate the products inside as opposed to simply containing them. Play with options like plastic or cardboard inlays to keep products photo-ready. You want to make sure that packaging wows customers but doesn’t limit their access to the product they’ve waited for.

Stay Familiar With Competitor Packaging

Finally, it’s critical that your brand remains conscious of what competitors are doing. Watching trends helps generate new ideas, but the real goal is to avoid stepping on the toes of other brands. If you want your brand to stand out, your packaging can’t closely emulate others, or customers will associate the two. Watch everything, from color schemes to packaging technology, and seek ways to advance your own packaging without blending into the crowd.

Instead of copying other brands, determine what it is about each brand’s packaging that works. This extends to packaging outside of your industry as well. Though subjective, developing an understanding of your version of successful packaging with your creative team gives your brand further direction. In the same way, it’s important to note what doesn’t work and look for similar aspects in your own product unboxing experience.

Using these product packaging tips to help your brand stand out requires a full understanding of your audience’s needs and your brand’s narrative. After all, some brands make serious packaging mistakes that hinder the customer experience when they don’t focus on their customer’s expectations. Keep in mind that as more customers order products online, the demand for high-quality packaging only grows.

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