Product Packaging: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Your public image is everything, whether it’s your personal image or your company’s overall image. You can convey your business’s image through many avenues. This includes everything from social media to advertising strategies. One detail that you may overlook, though, is your product packaging.

Your customer interacts with your product’s packaging before they even touch the product itself. To create a more thoughtful image, be aware of and avoid these common product packaging mistakes.

Product Packaging with Misleading Copy

This should go without saying, but too many small businesses make exaggerated claims on their product packaging. One of the worst things you can do is lie or exaggerate about the product’s benefits. Trust is a key component of securing repeat customers. Not delivering on promises that you make on the box is going to cost you dearly. So, always be upfront with your product’s actual capabilities if you want customers to rely on you.

Too Much Product Packaging Material

Nowadays, customers care a lot more about the environment. What this means for product packaging is that you need to reduce the amount of material you use. Too much packaging material makes your product, and by extension, your company, seem wasteful. This is a perception that will hurt your margins greatly in the long run. Stick to minimalist packaging when you can to reduce your effect on the environment.

Difficult to Read

If your packaging features a lot of writing, make sure that the text is legible. Nothing will make a customer turn to a competitor faster than a confusing or difficult-to-read blurb on your packaging. Be sure to consider size and typography when designing your product’s package. Getting your message across succinctly will attract more customers. Having text that’s easy to read will draw them in as well.

Too Similar to Competitors

Going too far outside the box can be a detriment to your brand. However, you also don’t want to do what every other competitor is doing. A design that stands out from the crowd helps customers find your product first in a lineup of similar items. This increases the chances that a customer will pick your product from the shelf. Consider using contrasting colors or patterns to make your product unique. Remember that a simple design can also stand out if your competitors all tend to overcompensate.

Difficult to Open

Finally, consider the customer’s experience with the product from the first second they start using it. One common product packaging mistake to avoid is making your product difficult to get out of its box or bag. You may want your product to be safe and secure, but you need to consider the end user’s experience as well. Frustrating them with your product from the get-go is a fast way to make sure they don’t pick up your product again.

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