How to Recruit Older Workers in a Digital World

In a digital landscape, you are more likely to bump into younger workers than older workers. Why is this? Most older generations—those over the age of 65—are online. However, many aren’t aware of how to use technology and how often to check for job opportunities.

In today’s world, you will have jobs that not many people will be qualified for, especially when it comes to older applicants. To keep your company diverse, try out these tips to recruit older workers in a digital world.

Pull Older Workers in With a Call to Action

Many of us know what a call to action is. More often than we realize, older workers might not know you are trying to get them to apply. So, before introducing yourself and your company, let the reader know right away what you are emailing them. Long paragraphs about your company are unnecessary. If they can quickly look it up later, you don’t need the paragraph. In other words, get to the point of your message and lay it all out simply.

Promote Your Business

Older workers enjoy seeing businesses promote themselves, just like any young person. If you are looking to promote yourself and want to recruit additional talent, try to network with those demographics to better understand what you’re targeting. Many older workers enjoy going to conventions and job fairs, or even open interviews, to network and seek out employment.

What’s the Price Of Experience?

Your older prospective employees deserve the same amount of attention and training as your younger applicants do. Treat them all equally by detailing the experience you’re looking for, what the benefits are, and what materials are provided.

Keep Updating Social Media

You might be surprised to hear that older generations might be using social media more often than young people. Don’t deter yourself from updating. Many older workers enjoy seeing companies update their profiles. But also keep in mind that updating twice a day comes off as spammy.

Recruiters won’t often know many ways to find older talent in a digital world. By providing older generations the tools to apply to your job posting, you will be able to recruit an experienced and qualified person by reaching out to them through social media.

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