Types of Certifications Every HR Professional Should Consider

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Human Resources professionals often hear about various types of available certifications. Frequently these certifications are listed as a requirement in job descriptions. 

Whether you want to jumpstart your HR career or make yourself a more attractive promotion candidate, it’s important to determine which certifications you should focus on. To help you do just that, consider the available HR certifications listed below. 

Professional in Human Resources (PHR)

The Professional in Human Resources® (PHR®) certification from HRCI® establishes that you’ve mastered both technical and operational tasks within HR management, including the legal and regulatory context of HR. This certification is for an HR professional who is already experienced in program implementation. 

Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

Also administered buy HRCI, the SPHR certification demonstrates that you understand the strategic and policy-making tasks often assigned to HR managers. This credential is most helpful to those HR professionals responsible for planning policy, rather than those who implement it. Organizations want SPHR-certified professionals because of their proven capability to achieve HR department goals through their extensive interdisciplinary knowledge.

Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR)

HRCI’s Associate Professional in Human Resources™ (aPHR™) certification is well-suited for those new to the profession and can help you successfully launch your new career. It’s an ideal way to enhance your foundational Human Resources knowledge, building on what you might have learned in college. 

California Professional in Human Resources (PHR-CA)

Offered by the HRCI, this certification shows you’ve mastered California state laws, regulations, and HR management practices. It’s for HR professionals who practice in California or are responsible for HR management in California (even if they are not located here). 

Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR)

Since so many companies now operate on a global scale, it’s smart to develop your HR knowledge and expertise beyond U.S. laws, regulations, and business issues. This certification from the HRCI helps you do that. You’ll add value by proving that you have multinational HR expertise and understand issues such as cross-cultural diversity and strategies for HR policy and initiatives development in support of a company’s global growth.

SHRM Certifications

The two SHRM certifications are SHRM Certified Professional and the SHRM Senior Certified Professional.  

Firstly, the SHRM Certified Professional certification is for HR pros responsible for implementing HR policies and strategies and performing all operational HR functions. This includes working directly with stakeholders and employees. It’s similar to the HRCI’s Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification. 

Secondly, there’s the SHRM Senior Certified Professional certification. It helps seasoned HR pros improve their skills in strategy development and leadership. It’s similar to the HRCI’s Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification. 

SHRM membership is not required to pursue either of these certifications.   

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