5 Benefits of HR Certification and Recertification

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In a competitive job market, you need to stand out. And if you own a business, you want to bring in talent with the education and depth of skills to help you accomplish your objectives. For HR professionals, these facts are part of the appeal of HR certifications (and recertifications). Achieving and maintaining your HR certification translates into many benefits for the certified professional.

1. Develop a larger skill set for personal and professional development.

The modern HR regulatory and compliance landscape is constantly evolving and changing. Certification programs must include the information and skill sets that reflect these changes.

These skills include accounting, risk management, leadership, diversity, creativity, public speaking, and conflict. Complicated issues related to technology, data privacy, harassment, and other subjects also affect today’s HR environment. Therefore, these courses help you become better prepared for handling such challenges.  

Certifications go beyond giving you the basics. In preparation for certification, these courses show you how to apply what you’ve learned. In other words, you can effectively make decisions and implement action to address new changes and complex issues.

2. Command higher salaries with HR certification.

A 2018 PayScale study found that HR professionals who hold certifications, such as CPC, GPHR, and PHRca, can enjoy a double-digit increase in pay compared to individuals without those certifications.

Those who have the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certificate received the biggest pay increase at 28.8 percent. Those with a Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) certificate saw a 16 percent boost with this certification. Even Human Resource Certification Institute’s PHR and SPHR and Society for Human Resources Management’s SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certifications produced a salary increases.

3. Leverage more promotion opportunities.

The more certification courses you are able to take, the more skills and knowledge you have. This proves you’re ready for promotion, especially if you are seeking to move into a management position.

PayScale has reported that there is a 29 percent greater chance of a promotion for those who obtain HR certification versus those who do not.

4. Add value to your organization with HR certification.

Certifications help the company as well as the certified individual. Having the most current information and real-world perspectives gives your company a competitive advantage. That advantage stems from the ongoing education involved in obtaining these credentials.

Professionals who undertake these courses can share their skills and knowledge with the organization and their colleagues. They can also suggest new technology, processes, and practices. This hugely benefits the organization through gains in efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

5. Differentiate yourself as a job candidate and enjoy more negotiation power.

Your HR certification is a concrete way to prove to a potential employer that you have what it takes. It truly sets you apart from uncertified candidates. Employers will see you have positive traits like a desire to improve and achieve more.

These certifications not only illustrate your worth, but they also may net you additional bargaining power in salary and benefits negotiations. The more valuable you are to a prospective employer, the more power you have to get what you want.

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