5 Marketing Strategies that Help You Get By Without SEO

Search is very helpful for your business but don’t forget longstanding real-world strategies.

These days, many business owners have become obsessed with utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in their marketing campaigns. While SEO has a valued place in Internet marketing, it is possible to master local marketing without relying on it. In fact, when it comes to local marketing, SEO is simply not enough by itself to build your brand. While your competition may still be relying on it, you can push your marketing ahead of the curve with these proven non-SEO local marketing strategies.

Get Social

While a website can be an effective way to promote your business, many small business owners are, even in this day and age, reluctant to further expand their marketing into social media. However, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are fantastic ways to showcase your products and services to potential local customers.

If you own and operate a small business, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the choices and effort required for social media marketing. Fortunately, it is possible to start small. Start with one platform and build out.

Speak to clients and ask them what kinds of information they would find helpful. Ask what social media platforms they use and would like to connect with. It is possible to successfully establish your social media presence with only an hour or two commitment per week and integrate it with your customer relationship management software.


The use of coupons is one of the oldest marketing techniques around, but they can also deliver a great impact. A coupon will encourage customers to visit your store. Coupons are also flexible since they can be cut from a local newspaper, emailed or mailed to homes.

Using coupons is one of the most popular marketing tools among small business owners to encourage new and returning customers to buy. They are easy and relatively inexpensive to create while being simple to track to calculate your return on investment.

Introductory Offers

Everyone loves a freebie and if you are looking to generate new leads for your business, having a free introductory offer could be the perfect solution. Introductory offers are an almost guaranteed way to bring people in. A no strings attached free gift can be a tantalizing way to start a customer relationship. This type of offer tends to create customer loyalty, but only when it is directed at the right target audience.

Targeting those people who are simply out for a freebie will not be successful in the long term. You need to target those who are not only looking for a deal, but also have a need for your products or services. These local consumers could prove to be your most loyal customers.

A free offer gives new customers the opportunity to try out your products and services. This type of loss leader will lead to profits in the long term, providing you impress on first contact with the customer.

Special Events

Many brick and mortar business owners have benefited from the unique opportunity of local community special events. Customer appreciation days, competitions to win free products and even charity events can increase your foot traffic and build customer relationships.

These types of special events can offer the chance to establish personal connections with your potential customers. If you can engage with these new leads on a personal level, this will provide a competitive edge and could create lifelong relationships. Putting effort and enthusiasm into special events can provide a fantastic return on investment. After all, loyalty is a two-way street.


Most people consider rebranding to be something that large multinationals do with massive budgets. However, rebranding could be something simple such as updating your logo, website or slogan. Doing something new could be just the thing to pique the interest of potential or returning customers and encourage them to find out more.

While SEO marketing can be effective, it isn’t the “end-all be-all” of your marketing strategy. It is important to remember that your business is a part of the local community. By investing a little time and creativity, you may find that the results outperform even the most aggressive SEO campaign.

This article was originally published on Inc.com.


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