Read John Boitnott’s blogging advice in Solopreneur

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Seasoned entrepreneurs and bloggers might find this advice to be the most obvious thing in the world, but to those who are new at the big, bad world of entrepreneurship, blogging, specifically what the blog should be about, can be intimidating and full of unknowns. Too many times, readers will come across business blogs that ramble, don’t provide any utility to the reader, and do the exact opposite of what the owner intended them to do: drive visitors away.

In The Best Services a Blogger Can Provide to Readers, Margartia Hakobyan has put together advice from a variety of creditable business experts. Here’s some of John’s contribution to the article:

“Perhaps the best service a blogger can provide would be diving into a developing trend or product and providing helpful, insightful opinions and information that leave the reader more informed than they were before they read the post.”

But the great advice doesn’t stop there.

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation Business Service, Inc., says,“We offered content that could be consumed in small, simple, actionable (and informative) bites. When bloggers keep their focus and are specific in their message, it is easier to truly reach the readers.”

And Brian D. Evans, entrepreneur and founder of Influencive, believes “Bloggers typically make the mistake of being self-serving instead of focusing on the readers. A lot of bloggers try to cram in sales messages in their posts, and all it does is make the reader look at you skeptically. Instead, focus on giving valuable insight to the reader and that will work 100x better than any sales message you cram into your article.”

If you’re looking to blog in order to get more eyeballs on your site or product, plan on having a strategy. Learn from experienced business experts who have been there, done that, and succeeded at it.

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