Unique Ways To Make Your Salon Stand Out

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In any business, the owner needs to stand back and consider the question, “Why would clients consider my business over the competition?” The same amount of consideration needs to happen for a salon business as well.

With so many salons and barbers to choose from, potential clients need a reason to choose your business over any other establishment. These unique ways to make your salon stand out will provide you with clarity as you take the necessary steps to define your beauty parlor or barbershop.

Stay Active on Social Media

It’s not enough to simply make a social media page for your business; you must take charge of it and keep it active if you want to stand out. Update your page with pictures of any interior upgrades you make to your salon space. Include before and after pictures of clients (with their permission), and professional-grade graphics. How talkative you want to be with your consumer base is up to you, but the integrity of your salon may improve with more transparency and open communication.

Take time to link your different social media accounts if you have more than one for your salon. You may even use social media to share coupons or giveaways to generate more business. Make sure to keep your personal social media account private and separate from your business account to avoid unwanted interaction.

Take a Good Look at Your Local Competitors

As your business grows, you can focus on the elements that set you apart from your competition. Consider the services that other local salons don’t offer and see if they fit well into your business. The differences you find may be related to the products you use or the colors of dye you offer. Try to beat your competition to the punch when it comes to new trends and fashion fads—it may result in a massive influx of new clientele.

Create a Stylish Interior Design for Your Salon

If you want new clients to visit your salon, change the interior. Make it look as sleek as the hair or nail styling services you provide. Don’t just limit your business to the basic furniture—find stylish pieces that catch the eyes like artwork would. Make sure all the different types of styling chairs in your salon match each other, even if they’re from different manufacturers. If your salon lacks a theme, consider adhering to one and design the interior to appeal to your ideal client base.

Creative Signage for Salon Exterior

Let’s specifically address salons in areas of towns or cities with a suitable amount of foot traffic. Some unique ways to make your salon stand out come from illuminating your business with iconic outdoor signs. A well-made logo on a bright sign will turn the heads of potential clients. The logo should clearly display what services your business provides with only a cursory glance.

If there’s a sidewalk outside your business, consider purchasing and using a chalkboard sign. Get creative with your chalk—draw pictures, illustrate daily specials, and display beautiful handwriting. Anything that draws positive attention to your salon will fit perfectly on your storefront.


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