San Francisco Pic of the Day – SOMA circa 2009

soma, San Francisco SOMA, San Francisco

There is something about the crisp fall evenings in San Francisco that can just hit you the right way.

The design director for SF Weekly was leaving so we all headed to the Hotel Utah on 4th and Bryant Streets for a goodbye party. Right as I was about to enter the bar there, I noticed that the eastern sky was turning the most lovely shade of pink. The 3.2 megapixel camera on my Blackberry doesn’t quite capture how cool it felt, with the noise of the traffic and the city, but I knew I wanted to document that moment.

What a beautiful town I am lucky to work in! Please also click on my Flickr stream for a close look at all the photos I’ve been taking lately from my Blackberry. For the full size version of the photo click here.

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