My 89-Year-Old Grandma Loves Playing Solitaire on iPad

So when my mother first bought an Apple IIc back in the day, one of the main things that we got it for, aside from me being able to play King’s Quest II or whatever, was that my Dad could learn how to use the mouse and keyboard better. My Dad had been a security guard and a bookie so the last thing he ever bothered learning was how to use a mouse. Turns out that solitaire did the trick. He got pretty decent on a computer by using the mouse to click on the right cards..

It was perhaps even better for my Nana on the iPad today. She’d never seen one of these fandangled things before but within about 10 minutes she had most of the movements all figured out and was enjoying the game. She already knew how to play solitaire IRL — it was just a matter of picking up the movements on the screen. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed watching her, at the age of 89, pick up this popular new technology.


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