How To Increase Foot Traffic To Your Store

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Are you trying to grow your business? More foot traffic means more possibility for sales and keeping your business going. Great news! This article has some fabulous ways to increase foot traffic to your store.

A Well-Maintained Storefront

A cleaned-up storefront does wonders for curb appeal; it’ll bring potential customers into your business. Stay on top of maintenance tasks—such as washing the windows—to ensure your store sparkles all the time.

Step outside and take a look around to evaluate the conditions of doors, windows, and walls. Make notes of areas that could use improvement. You can assign jobs to employees if you choose or hire a third party to accomplish your tasks.

Make Sure Employees Stay Busy

Bored employees can be a turn-off for potential buyers walking past your storefront. Ensure your associates are aware and mindful of how they look and act even when customers aren’t in the store. Remind them to be welcoming and busy all the time, so they entice potential buyers.

Create a Pop-up

You don’t have to generate a whole event, but signing up for an upcoming event with other vendors is a great business idea to increase your foot traffic. Use social media and other advertising to gather a crowd at the pop-up event and create a buzz around your company. Have displays of products and fun, unique freebies, so potential customers remember your business.

Well-Trained Employees

You can have the most outstanding products and the best storefront, but it will be all lost if your employees lack customer service skills. You’ll be hard-pressed to find repeat customers and you’ll receive poor online reviews. Lots of businesses stop due to lousy service and inadequate treatment. Train your employees well, prepare them mentally, and make sure they care about the work they do.

Create an Online Presence

You can spend your time complaining about how more people are shopping online—or you can use this to your advantage. Create an efficient website that displays your products and allows buyers to browse them and make purchases. This online presence will bring in more sales for your business and create brand awareness and more foot traffic.


Don’t forget about social media. It’s a fun and easy way to interact with customers, show off products, and notify followers of upcoming sales.

List Your Business Online

Get your business listed with sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp immediately (if you haven’t already.) If you’ve already done this, make sure the details regarding your business, such as your hours and location, are updated.

Take extra time and create a visually appealing listing with lots of pictures and information. Include a tour of your store if possible. The results will be well worth it.

Focus on Customer Loyalty

Increasing foot traffic to your store isn’t only be about new customers. Put a significant focus on getting existing customers back into your store. Create customer loyalty programs or host events where customers can bring friends and family.

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