Creative Ways To Establish Customer Loyalty

5 Ways to Help Get to Know Your Customers Better

As you grow your company, you’ll want to find new, creative ways to establish customer loyalty and set your business apart from your competitors. Keep reading to learn a few methods for growing your client list.

Set Up a Loyalty Rewards Program

The most basic way to encourage returning clients is to offer a loyalty rewards program. You can base the program around accruing discounts based on customers’ purchases, or they can pay a flat rate for a loyalty membership program. In either scenario, the idea is to have a program that rewards repeat patrons. About 80% of your business comes from only 20% of your customers, so building a wide base of loyal clients is essential for your business’s long-term viability.

Celebrate Customer Birthdays

Part of gaining returning customers is establishing relationships that make the clients feel a connection with your business. Customers who feel seen and appreciated will often reward you by repeatedly returning. An easy way to build rapport with your customers is to give them shout-outs on their birthdays.

With your loyalty program, you should already have your returning customers’ information on file. So just send them an email or message with well wishes and maybe a small discount on their birthdays. Some businesses even offer special in-store deals.

Give Discounts for Checking In on Social Media

The ways in which incentives build loyalty in the digital era have evolved with advancements in technology. Businesses no longer reward customers just for buying their products; they also offer rewards to clients who engage with them on social media. Turning good online reviews and a high level of social media engagement into sales has become vital to a business’s success. That’s why some companies offer incentives to clients who check in with them on Facebook or other social media platforms. The social media post works as a billboard to all the company’s followers. It builds brand awareness, sending a message that your business is not only worth visiting but also worth posting about. It’s a win-win: the customer is happy to get a perk or discount, and you get the free advertisement.

Now that you have a few creative ways to establish customer loyalty in your back pocket, you can take the necessary steps to build similar programs within your business.

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