3 Methods To Keep Your Staff Productive and Energized

Work Life Balance

The latest statistics aren’t promising for companies trying to keep their workers productive. A recent study shows a disturbing trend among U.S. workers, primarily those at the very top of their organizations. According to Theresa Welbourne of the USC Marshall School of Business, 61 percent of current business leaders say they’re not working at ideal energy levels. An additional 21 percent said they feel overworked.

These startling numbers put a total of 82 percent of high-level business leaders working at inappropriate energy levels. This means a huge loss of potential productivity. In a competitive market like today’s, companies must be both high-energy and productive to survive. However, becoming highly efficient isn’t as easy as it sounds. These three tips can help you start the conversation with your employees and keep your company out of the 82 percent group that keeps missing opportunities due to oversight.

1.) Be Engaged

Talk to your employees to find out more about their needs, goals, and optimal energy levels. By understanding those around you, you can help your employees find the right balance of challenge, productivity, and efficiency, while also preventing them from becoming overwhelmed. Similarly, take an active role in your own evaluation so that you are able to take on projects at a level that is right for you. The best way to help your employees find their balance is to lead by example.

2.) Be Adaptable

Keep up with current industry technology and practices. You’ll be able to find that balance more easily while maximizing productivity. Welbourne’s research also shows that archaic business practices and bad leadership are hurting company success. She says business owners are not prepared to change as quickly as the environment around them. Being willing to try new things and adopt modern practices will show employees and customers you’re in it for the long run. Adaptability to time-saving tech and more efficient practices also helps your company spend time on projects that matter.

3.) Be Confident

Here’s how the cycle works: confident people make more money, making more money encourages you to be confident, then that confidence leads to even greater returns. Unfortunately, this cycle works the other way too. Avoid a negative spiral by equipping yourself and your workers with the tools it takes to be successful. Then trust that your hard work will pay off.

Put yourself on the right side of this cycle. Then, you can be sure you and your team are working at optimal energy levels. That confidence leads to increased productivity.

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