8 Tips for Burnt Out Working Moms

working mom with child

The typical working mom’s day begins at 8:00 or 9:00 a.m (or earlier). But she works so many hours before and after each day. In between she’s juggling a frightening amount of things. It’s challenging to be a working mother. They’re burnt out, and so are you. 

They feel exhausted because of the chronic stress. This isn’t simply a case of physical exhaustion (such as a lack of sleep) but also mental and emotional imbalance. They’re always thinking, continually spinning their mental wheels. Self-care isn’t easy.

Their minds are rarely idle. As mothers, they consider what needs to be done. It could be due to a dual job and obligations at work and home, guilt over not spending enough time with family, or a lack of bonding with our kids. They balance unreasonable expectations over being a “perfect” employee with exaggerated expectations of being a “perfect” parent. 

Why do working moms feel exhausted?

Working moms must fight preconceptions of incompetence or privilege due to inadequate handling of a dual duty. They may face the pressure of falling behind on the professional ladder, missing out on a long-awaited promotion, working under time constraints, and fighting a male-dominated workplace.

Did you know that 60% of moms believe their stress is due to a lack of time

Imagine that… no surprise, so much “mom burnout” out there!

There are eight things you should remember if you’re exhausted. 

Please understand that your fatigue is valid. It isn’t a case of complaining; you aren’t just a tired mother needing a nap. It goes beyond that.

So, let’s talk about what it means to be a working mom, live with burnout, and what to do when you’re weary.

1. Make use of time-saving techniques

Use shortcuts and plan intelligently to get the most done in the least amount of time. Order your groceries online and bring them to your home for curbside pickup or delivery. This cuts down on the multitasking, saves time and guarantees you don’t forget anything. 

Schedule conference calls during your commute and run brief errands during your lunch break. Prepare your outfits and lunches the night before to relax. Enjoy your morning rather than hurrying to get out the door. It’s also a good idea to learn some time-saving organization tricks for busy moms.

2. Expect the unexpected

Many of the demands parents place on making healthy and tasty meals every day, keeping a spotless house, and being the perfect parent are self-imposed. Nobody puts as much pressure on you as you do. 

When you lower your expectations, you’ll notice that unnecessary stress disappears. When a guest comes over, your house does not have to be clean, especially if the guest has children. Buying cookies rather than making your own does not make you a terrible mother. While eating home-cooked meals every day is a terrific goal to strive for, leftovers and takeout can suffice for your family.

3. Take a break for some ‘me time’

Finding time for yourself is essential for sustaining inner peace and balance in stressful work and home environments. 

Moms have a habit of putting their own needs last so that everyone else can be taken care of. But how can you expect to take care of anyone else if you aren’t taking care of yourself? Put YOU at the top of your priority list, even if you’re sure you don’t have any free time. Working parents who are successful have discovered that if they don’t take time for themselves, they are less productive and happier. Your children and hubby would prefer a happy mom and a cluttered home to a spotless home and a grumpy mother.

4. Ask for help

Many working mothers are unaware that there are people who will assist them if they ask. If only asked, family members would gladly step in more frequently to assist. It’s also possible to rally friends and neighbors and build support networks. 

There are often options to hire extra help for tasks like cleaning or cooking. Delegating tasks at work is also frequently forgotten. Enlisting help is a wise method for busy working moms to make life less stressful and hectic.

5. Create special family activities during the weekend

Spending quality moments with the kids and other loved ones is key for maintaining a healthy family dynamic and bonding. If there just never seems to be enough time, put the family into your schedule. Try a family lunch or movie night. Putting group events on the calendar shows everyone what to expect so they’re not surprised and can plan. 

Put down the phone when you’re together. Instead, pay special attention to what your kids are doing in their lives and get caught up. Ask older children for activity recommendations and try to accommodate them. It’s not that important what you do in the end as long as you do it as a family.

6. Get plenty of sleep

That may seem obvious, but being a mother isn’t always easy, especially if you’re experiencing new mom weariness every day and night. But it doesn’t mean you can’t strive to get a good night’s sleep. Establish a decent bedtime routine for your children and even a stress-free morning routine for your hectic mornings.

Trying to get to bed early and shut off devices at least an hour before bedtime will also help you sleep better. 

If only we could guarantee that your child will sleep through the night or won’t come into your bed and kick you, leaving you half-awake for most of the night, things would be a lot easier. But, by adopting effective routines, you can get more sleep and be a less exhausted mama.

7. Establish a morning routine

Mornings with kids are always enjoyable, especially Monday mornings. It is a blur with wake-ups, preparations for you and the kids, and breakfast. A morning routine is one method to make life easier and mornings more relaxing. 

Making a morning routine can be pretty straightforward. Write a list of the things you need to do in the morning, cull it, and ensure that only the most essential items remain. Add anything that makes you feel calm, and then figure out what time you need to get up. If you are looking for ways to beat those Monday blues, here are some tips for you.

8. Maintain relationships with friends

It can be challenging to find time to see or talk to pals when you’re continuously busy—and booked. Texting and social media make it so simple. Sending a text message to your buddies takes two seconds. It will brighten their day, and their answer will brighten you. 

Make a date to see them, even if it’s three weeks away! They’ll make fun of you, but it won’t bother them. You can do so by putting it on your calendar. Remind yourself that this is as important as doing your dry cleaning, and you’ll find the time.

Final Word

Is it possible for a working woman to have a great job and a happy family life? Yes!

Stop and take a deep breath. Recognize and appreciate all of the beautiful things you already have, and enjoy each day as it comes. 

“Perfection is the enemy of good.” You have the utmost standards for yourself, so give yourself a break. Remember what counts, your family, and make sure you’re focused on taking care of them; everything else is just gravy. 

So don’t be so hard on yourself when you make minor errors, make poor decisions, or even screw up; you’re only human; keep doing your best.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels.com

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