11 Things Every New Employee’s Cubicle Needs on Day 1

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Businesses work hard to recruit and vet applicants for a job opening, often spending hours and significant money finding the right employee. After you’ve put all that work in, you’re usually well aware of the importance of keeping good employees on board once you’ve found them. This starts from the first day your new hire enters the office, which is your opportunity to show new employees they made the right decision.

In the days leading up to your new employee’s first day, it’s important to create a comfortable working space, equipped with all of the items necessary to do a great job. A fully-stocked, clean office will set the perfect tone for a new worker. Here are a few things every cubicle needs to have on a worker’s first day.


With technology serving as the backbone of day-to-day business interactions, every employee needs the basic equipment necessary to do their job. This includes:

• Computer — Traditionally, each employee would be assigned a desktop computer, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. However, today’s mobile workforce has led the transition to laptops and mobile devices. Make sure your new employee has the necessary devices in place, including a way to conveniently dock and connect laptops if they’re being issued in lieu of a desktop computer.

• Telephone — Some professionals may be solely issued a smartphone. However, a desk handset provides the opportunity to include features like video-conferencing and chat. In addition to stocking the employee’s office with a phone, make sure you provide the best peripherals to go with it.

• Access Card — Are your work areas secured by keycards? If so, it’s important to make sure this card is ready and waiting on the employee’s first day. If an employee has to knock and wait to be let in with every bathroom break, the job will get off to a rough start.

Basic office supplies

Not everything is electronic. There are a few basic office supplies that should be provided to every cubicle, including:

• Wastebasket — Every office should come with a wastebasket that’s emptied on a regular basis. If you can spring for a recycle bin for your shared spaces, your environmentally – conscious employees will appreciate it.

• Pens and legal pads — Are you one of the many businesses striving to be paperless? Even so, it’s still easiest for workers to grab a pen and pad to rush off to a meeting.

• Staplers, tape, and scissors — Even if you think your employee won’t have a use for these supplies, every office should have one of each. Businesses still struggle with being completely paperless, and not having these items on hand will present an inconvenience.

Tech tools

Even if you have all of the equipment in place, without the proper software and logins, it won’t help your new hires. Here are a few tools your new worker will need:

• Network login — This should be set up as soon as possible after the employee’s arrival. If you have paperwork that needs to be signed before issuing a user ID, have it ready before the employee shows up for work.

• Software access — The employee’s email should be set up as soon as possible, preferably with a welcome email waiting. If there are special software or network drives, those should be granted as soon as possible Try to ensure training is available for any business-specific software.

Office resources

New employees generally need guidance, especially on the first day. Whether it’s electronic or paper-based, provide documentation for new employees that includes the following:

• Policies and procedures—If you have an official policies and procedures manual, either provide this in the employee’s orientation or email it. This should include your dress code, your stance on workplace harassment, and other information every employee should have.

• Office map — On a person’s first day, one of the biggest challenges is finding important areas like break areas and restrooms. If possible, create a floor map that includes those important areas, as well as the location of pertinent employees’ cubicles, if possible.

• Employee directory — In addition to locating team member offices, new workers also need a way to easily reach them by phone. Include a staff phone directory and, if applicable, also include the business-issued mobile phone numbers of that employee’s supervisor and closest team members.

The first day for any employee can be terrifying. When that worker arrives to find a fully-stocked cubicle, it can make that first day much better. In addition to the right supplies, make sure multiple employees stop by to issue a warm welcome and you’re likely to set the perfect tone. What items do you provide new employees?

This article originally appeared on Quill.com.

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