Best Places to Do Your Online Advertising

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Getting your company online can be quite a challenge. Unfortunately, the struggle doesn’t stop there. Once you’re online, you need to let potential customers know you’re there. You can best achieve this through online advertising, but if you’re still new to the online business world, then you might not know which websites are worth pursuing. That’s why we’ve taken the time to let you in on the best places you should do your online advertising through.

Online Advertising Options

Google Search Ads

If you want to reach as many people as possible, the one-stop shop for that will be Google Ads. With Google being the number one search platform on the internet, you could potentially reach any demographic you want—as long as you buy ads for the proper keywords. Also, their ads work on a pay-per-click model, so Google won’t charge you unless your ads are actually working.

The massive downside, though, is due to its expansive reach, this avenue is quite competitive. This is especially true if you’re in an overpopulated industry. However, finding a distinct set of keywords can help you stand out in the crowd.

Facebook Ads

Now we’re moving from the largest search platform to the largest social media site. Say what you will about Facebook, but a large chunk of the world’s population still uses it regularly. You can utilize it to target specific demographics as well. However, what really makes Facebook stand out compared to Google is the fact that it heavily uses images and video to grab people’s attention.

LinkedIn Ads

Facebook isn’t the only social media worth pursuing, though. If your clientele primarily consists of business professionals or other companies, you might want to try out LinkedIn. On top of making advertisement posts show up in people’s news feeds, you can also send sponsored messages directly to their inboxes.

YouTube Ads

On the other side of things, YouTube is a great place to advertise if you want to target children and other younger generations. Collectively, viewers watch about a billion hours of YouTube videos every single day, and most videos have an ad or two.

What better way to get eyes looking at your product or service than by advertising here? Sure, users can skip most ads after five seconds, but that’s a lot of time to grab someone’s attention and get them to stay.

Amazon eCommerce Platform

Finally, for our last suggestion on the best places you should do your online advertising through, we have Amazon. If you are selling any products through this platform, you really should utilize their ads. Amazon uses machine learning to find the most relevant consumers for your business.

Of course, some people aren’t a fan of Amazon’s ad services because their personal ads don’t always show up when they should. Fortunately, there’s always a reasonable explanation for that happening, and you can fix any of them that show up and cause you issues.

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