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Your Challenges

The media still plays a major role in helping you build trust and credibility with your audience. Once upon a time — snail mail, the telephone and the fax machine were how you pitched reporters. Those days are pretty much long gone and now digital channels rule the day.

One thing hasn’t changed though after all these years. It’s still very hard to get the attention of reporters — much less spark their interest — or get them to write about your company.

Sound Familiar?

You are not alone. Hundreds of companies — from startups to the biggest enterprises — are not sure who they should pitch, what type of information to share to get noticed, and how to build relationships in the media to maintain brand awareness.

Practical Insights, Actionable Advice

The course can help you, your business, and your brand in many ways: 

  • Develop and launch a winning media strategy.
  • Understand the differences between earned, owned, and paid media
  • Address any bad press coverage you might receive.
  • Discover the mistakes that entrepreneurs make when they pitch journalists.
  • Determine which journalists, influencers, and channels are right for your business.
  • Establish and nurture media relationships for long-term mutual benefit.

A Digital Media Expert From Both Sides

For more than 25 years, I’ve seen both sides of the press world. I have been a writer, television reporter, radio news anchor, and a journalist. Over the last decade, I have built a career in the digital age of media, as a columnist at top publications like Inc. and Entrepreneur. I’ve also formed relationships with all types of media outlets and navigated their often unique expectations. 

I’ve felt your pain. I’ve also found the prescription to alleviate it! Work with me through this fast-paced online course, and you’ll find and connect with media leaders who want what you offer.

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