10 Hacks To Improve Your Site Traffic

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Site traffic is a crucial metric when it comes to search engine rankings and it can fluctuate throughout the course of the financial year, depending on the performance of your direct competitors. 

However, it is possible to maintain higher levels of traffic without spending a small fortune. In this article, we will be providing you with 10 hacks to improve your site traffic. 

1. Learn More About Your Customer 

The first thing to do when looking to improve site traffic to your site is to learn more about the customer. This way, you can begin to tailor your content creation and marketing strategy to reach them. 

Thanks to information collected by platforms like Google, you can find out the age, gender and interest of your target audience. You can also see how they interact with your site. This is valuable because the more specialized your content is, the more likely you’ll get people to use your service and stay on your site longer. 

2. Create Engaging Content On Your Landing Pages 

Once you’ve developed your content and marketing strategies using customer information, you can then make more engaging content. 

Start with a simple landing page. This is the first page that potential customers will visit, so it should be engaging while “looking the part.” 

By creating short, snappy content that provides visitors with insight into your business, you invite them to look around and find out more about you and your site. 

3. Create Localized Content to Build Site Traffic

After you’ve created content on all of the core pages, you can improve site traffic by creating a localized content strategy to reach the audience in your area. This is beneficial for businesses that have a physical store, as it can lead to more physical traffic. But it can also be a useful way to capitalize on local site traffic for services like plumbing or electricians. 

Content marketing can, therefore, help boost high quality organic traffic and conversions from all over the world, or just regionally, depending on what your business is offering.  

4. Focus On Optimizing The Right Content 

Though the plan to optimize content will help you improve your Google rankings and drive traffic, you must optimize the right content. If there is content that isn’t performing well, rather than optimizing, it may be worth refreshing it to target specific keywords. This is a helpful way of ensuring that every page of quality content is fully optimized. 

Before all of this, remember that planning is important. You don’t want to waste your time on content that doesn’t need to be optimized, such as a “contact us” page. 

5. Improve Click Through Rate and Site Traffic With PPC 

Although implementing an SEO strategy is often the most important way of improving click-through rate, there are other ways to more fully optimize this. 

By executing a PPC strategy, you can improve the clickthrough rate to your website while helping SEO as well. PPC strategy lets you pay for a position at the top of page one and can help you boost traffic to your site with minimal cost. By enlisting the help of a PPC advertising agency you can create an effective strategy in this area and market your business with minimal click spend. 

This is a process that has benefited many businesses small and large in recent years. It can provide both a short- and long-term solution to reaching your target audience while improving SEO. 

6. Use Social Media 

Alongside PPC and SEO, build and maintain your social media profiles. This provides short term content to your audiences while linking to your landing page or other areas of your site. 

Also, social media platforms can be used to build brand identity. Posts such as giveaways can generate a huge amount of interest in a company. 

7. Add Personality To Your Business 

Personality is a must when you run a B2C business. Customers want a personal connection between them and a brand. It makes all the difference in the conversion funnel because more trust often means more sales.

Engage people on social media and make sure to provide quality customer service. You’ll create more brand loyalty and a happier audience. 

8. Network 

If you are looking to boost traffic to your site while staying on top of trends, why not sponsor a podcast? This opens up your brand to new audiences and can boost traffic to your site. 

Beyond that, there are also countless networking events you can attend digitally to reach people who may be interested in your product or service.  

9. Make Video Content 

Making video content is also another effective way you can bring traffic to your site. Upload these to platforms like Youtube. Not only can they provide you links or your homepage, but they can also link to product pages to help grow the business. 

This can be a lucrative way of showcasing your company in a new light while engaging with the audience.  

10. Create a positive customer experience

The better interaction your brand has with customers at every stage, the more likely they’ll return. A positive customer experience is valuable not only for the number of monthly site visitors, but also brand loyalty and customer retention rates. 

With all this in mind, there are several ways that you can boost traffic coming to your site. It’s just a matter of carefully planning every stage of the campaign. Which of these hacks will you be using? 

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