How to Write a Business Mission Statement in 5 Steps

How to write a business mission statement in 5 steps

Are you writing (or rewriting) your company’s mission statement? It’s a task that can take almost as much time and thought as constructing your business plan.

A company mission statement is an abbreviated version of what your business does. The best ones do wonders for the brands and corporate cultures they represent. Your mission statement provides an opportunity to specify your core competencies, your product (or service) and why it exists, as well as your target market. It’s a way to stand out from competitors, align your team with your company’s purpose, and pave the way to future success.

When you or your employees are stuck in the grind of day-to-day work, taking a moment to remember the mission statement can provide motivation and a sense of direction that supports decision-making. Give your mission statement all the time and energy it needs so that it will serve you and your company for years to come.


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