How To Turn Your Car Into an Office on Wheels

Working From Car

Being away from the office should never mean being unable to close a deal. Previously, we’ve discussed how the past year affected our relationship with cars. Now let’s see how you can alter your vehicle and work nimbly on the go. Whether performing sales calls, inspections, or just delivering information, being prepared is always a good look for you and your business. Here’s how to turn your car into an office on wheels so you’re ready for anything.

Do a Deep Clean

Clean always means professional. A clean car shows that you’re organized, prepared, dependable, and concerned with the details. Speaking of details, make sure to bring in your car for a wash and spring for the full detailing package and have it cleaned from end to end, inside and out. If you’re in the habit of eating and drinking in your car, now’s a good time to stop. Fast food packages and discarded coffee cups tumbling out of a driver’s side door is never a good look (though consider a sleeker travel mug for your morning Joe). Cleaning up also leaves room for what comes next.

Accommodate Your Laptop

So much of what goes on in an office happens on its computers. But despite their portability, laptops can be unwieldy while trying to type in the driver’s seat. Pick up a laptop mount. Several kinds are available that can be hooked to your steering wheel or placed on an extendable stand easily clamped to the dash. Don’t have WiFi in your car? Pick up a portable hotspot. You don’t want service to drop at the worst possible moment. Finally, while there are attachments that allow you to charge your laptop and other electronic devices from your car battery, be sure your battery is up to the job, and consider investing in a more powerful one.

Take Advantage of Any Space

While we’re swiftly heading toward a paperless environment, we’re not there yet. But, you can make progress when you turn your car into an office. Designate your trunk as the office supply and document storage area. A large cargo organizer is a wise investment, and many come equipped with individual spaces to hold files, stationery, brochures, business cards, flyers, and more. If you deal with sensitive data and documents, invest in a travel safe or lockable briefcase that can be secured to your vehicle. If you don’t have many passengers, hang seatback organizers over the back of the driver’s seat and the front and back of the passenger seat. Use these for stuff you need immediately, like business cards, hand sanitizer, the day’s documents, and more. Most of your car is made of air. Use the space however you can!

Know Where To Go

When figuring out how to turn your car into an office on wheels, know your best tool is the knowledge you carry with you. Know your region and study up on wherever you’re going, so you aren’t caught unaware. Get a feel for the best places to work in your car. Most of all, drive safely. Remember, it should only function as a workspace when it’s parked!

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