Questions To Ask Your Construction Equipment Manufacturer


Shopping for construction equipment requires vetting manufacturers. This simple step will ensure you’re getting the quality and reliability you need on job sites. Browse the list below to learn the top questions to ask your construction equipment manufacturer before each purchase.

Can You Meet Job Site Specifications?

This question might seem pedestrian to some, but there are so many details to consider that it’s easy to overlook a few. For example, consider load capacities, sanitation methods, defense against the elements, and height constraints.

These are just a handful of characteristics that can change drastically between job sites. Assessing your job site’s unique conditions and collaborating with a manufacturer who can meet those needs is invaluable.

You’ll find various equipment providers offering custom solutions. Simply put, this means they can collaborate with you to tailor the design of a machine to fit your specifications. The more detailed your specifications are, the more the manufacturer can accommodate your design needs.

After all, even choosing the right industrial elevators requires considering many different details. Luckily, considering all those details will ultimately pay off. In this case, the payoff includes equipment designs that make your crew’s job safe and efficient.

Who Will Perform Repairs & Maintenance?

Whether renting or buying heavy machinery, always ask your equipment provider about follow-up services. For instance, will your manufacturer provide routine maintenance? Likewise, if you run into technical malfunctions, will they show up to help with any repairs?

Repairs and maintenance are integral to the life spans of industrial elevators, scissor lifts, bulldozers, and beyond. By ironing out the upkeep details before the purchase, you can quickly act when malfunctions strike.

If you want to learn about the maintenance routine of any machinery, consult the owner’s manual. When in doubt, you can reach out to the manufacturer to clarify any service details.

Who Will Transport the Equipment?

One of the most essential questions to ask your construction equipment manufacturer regards transportation. Typically, you’ll have the option to pick it up or schedule a drop-off with the equipment provider. However, every manufacturer has its own system.

Work out transportation details with the manufacturer as early as possible. That way, you can schedule the pick-up or delivery to meet your project timeline conveniently. Now that you have these tips in your tool belt, finding new construction gear should be a straightforward routine, not an overly laborious task.

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