Meditation for Entrepreneurs: How it Can Move Your Company Forward

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by Stephen Claybourn

It is commonplace to hear about the power of your mindset, how it can transform your actions, and potentially change your life. What is not as widely known is how to make those changes, and how meditation can help.  

There are many moments in your life when you may have felt defeated but pushed yourself forward anyway. You did it despite the voice in your head saying you’ve done enough work for the day or you’re too tired. These are powerful moments, and you should not dismiss them.  

This strength to change your own mind is exactly what you need to excel in your endeavors and keep your momentum.

You Control Your Thoughts; Your Thoughts Don’t Control You

It is difficult to separate ourselves from our thoughts. We connect with them and place them in our sense of identity. Racing thoughts are hard to control and help create a lasting opinion on how we view ourselves. 

This is where meditation comes in. People commonly use the practice of meditation to quiet their minds. A successful meditation practice depends on the ability to control thoughts and bring them back to a place of peace. Meditation often starts by focusing on your breathing and letting everything else drift away. Then, any moment when the mind starts to wander, you bring yourself back to focus on your breath and clear your mind. 

This takes practice, and this skill will help other areas of your life. By practicing meditation, you’ll be able to guide your mind to where you want it to go, controlling your thoughts to provide you with strength and support to push yourself further. Here are some strategies that meditation can help you with.

Pivot Your Mindset

Restructuring your way of looking at problems is key in overcoming any obstacle you face. Learning how to take the thought “I don’t have enough time” and changing it to “Where can I find the time?” will completely change the way you look at things. 

By challenging what you would have previously considered a roadblock and turning it into a problem to solve, you are making anything possible. You will remove any limits you would have previously placed on yourself. As a result, your management skills will improve as well as your creative thinking. These are important skills to have as a leader and a successful entrepreneur.   

Identify Where You are Going

Assigning attainable goals for yourself will encourage forward movement. By identifying each small step forward, you’ll have a physical goal to work towards. Each completed goal provides a sense of accomplishment and keeps up your motivation to take more steps ahead. 

Studies show that there is a dopamine release every time an accomplishment is crossed off a list. This will motivate you to keep working to get that dopamine release. Also, by working on small goals you have a clearer path to follow to reach your ultimate objective. This helps maintain your focus and sense of direction.

Visualization with Meditation

People will always question the validity of something until they can physically see it in front of them. This is true, whether it’s a photo, a video, or even an article. This need for visual proof can change our views on whether or not we believe something to be possible. 

We are all familiar with the saying “I’ll believe it when I see it”. So, by implementing your own visual “proof” of where you are going or what you will accomplish, you will truly start to believe it. This can be done through surrounding yourself with images of you accomplishing your goals or by writing down your future accomplishments. By using this technique, every step you take will be one of confidence and purpose. 

By “knowing” you are on your way to success you will act with more vigor, and you know you are making the right decisions. This will help remove the obstacle of second guessing yourself. Your subconscious mind is powerful, and you should train it to be working with you, not against you.  

Meditation Helps You Know Yourself

Take the time to understand yourself and what your strongest and weakest characteristics are. It’s key to knowing what you’ll need to do to make your business more successful. By recognizing what your strengths are (whether it’s selling, branding, managing, etc.), you’ll discover what you should do in your business. 

If you’re not good at selling, hire a salesman. Do not try to do everything yourself. It will limit your potential to grow. Finding your place at the company is important to achieving success. It leads to you surrounding yourself with folks who will help you succeed. Climbing to the top of the ladder is lonely if you’re not reaching down to help others up with you.   

Taking the time to explore your mind and learn how to navigate your thoughts will help guide you to achieve your goals. Knowing that you are in control of your way of thinking and understanding the power of thought will help you in training your subconscious to work with you. It can help you lift limitations and break barriers. Take the time to meditate, visualize, and self-reflect; it will transform your mentality and lead you to ultimate success.


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As a serial entrepreneur, Stephen has spent the last 12 years building and selling multiple 7 & 8 figure businesses. He specializes in startups and fast growth companies. He understands how lonely entrepreneurship can be and how other areas of life can be impacted. Thus, BTL LlFE, was created as a source of motivation for other like-minded business owners and people looking to not settle for what the world is willing to give them but rather go out and take what they deserve. It has grown into an elite mastermind community that shares specific strategies and tactics that have enabled them to reach success in their business’ and personal lives.

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