8 Awesome Ways to Get Rid of the Monday Blues

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Garfield was correct about two things: first, lasagna is excellent. Second, Mondays can be a real drag. They’re the start of the workweek for most of us and they carry the depressing reminder that your weekend is officially over. But, if you want to live a happy life, you should see the positive side. Monday is just another day, full of opportunities to live, laugh, and discover new things.

The Monday blues have become one of our greatest obstacles. No one likes to start the day off badly, especially on Monday. But, you probably can’t help it – the Monday Blues can hit you right away, and your brain chooses not to wake up when the alarm clock goes off. 

Studies show that many employees don’t even crack a smile until 11:16 a.m. on Mondays. But, don’t think about hitting the snooze button. Here are eight ways to help you turn those Monday blues into #MotivationalMonday.

1. Disconnect over the weekend

An essential part of anyone’s weekend should be disconnecting from the online world to some degree. If you can’t leave work behind for at least a long stretch of time somewhere between Friday evening and Monday morning, you haven’t really gotten the rest you need. 

Being available at all times for your job leaves you vulnerable to an onslaught of pressures can destroy your energy and focus over time. If you just can’t take a few days off from work emails and phone calls, set aside some time on the weekend for it. But, keep it contained to just a few hours, if possible.

Another idea is to scan your email in short chunks of time. Save it for when your kids get haircuts on Saturday afternoons or after dinner on Sunday evenings. This can help relieve stress without jeopardizing availability or productivity.

2. Make your weekend productive

Clever individuals know how important it is to switch gears and do something pleasant and revitalizing. They make the most of their weekends to prepare for the next week. You can do activities on the weekend to establish balance and return to work at full strength.

If you like the arts, get seats for a concert or a play, Make reservations at the hip new hotel in the city. Plan a hike instead of using an exercise machine. Do something you’ve never tried or that you haven’t done in ages. A good degree of what makes an activity joyful is the anticipation of something extraordinary to come. Knowing you have something fun planned for Saturday will make Saturday more enjoyable. Plus, it can also boost your attitude for the rest of the week. 

3. Don’t mess with your body cycle

It’s enticing to sleep in on weekends to make up for lost time. Though it may seem pleasant, an inconsistent wake-up time can disrupt your circadian cycle. For you to wake up rested and rejuvenated, your body goes through a complex series of sleep phases. One of these phases entails training your mind to be awake and alert, which may be why many individuals wake up right before their alarm clock goes off.

You’ll feel foggy and tired if you sleep past your typical wake-up hour on the weekend. It can affect mental alertness on your day off, and it also may make you less productive on Monday. Go to bed early if you need to catch up on sleep.

4. Give your mind a break

If you don’t have anything urgent to complete, sometimes the best thing you can do for your future productivity is relax your thoughts. After all, taking time off helps you be more productive and perform better at work. Nearly nine out of ten American workers say that taking time off makes them happier, and 91 percent of business owners believe that their staff return from vacations refreshed and ready to work more effectively. 

Weekly reflection is a helpful technique for personal development. Consider the broader factors that are changing your industry, organization, and employment over the weekend. You should be able to see things in a whole new light without the distractions of a frantic Monday through Friday job. Use this knowledge to rethink how you’ll approach the coming week, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your work. Here are more effective ways to slow down during the weekend.

5. Treat Yourself

If you’ve ever watched the TV show Parks & Recreation, you’re probably familiar with the annual “Treat Yo Self.” It is a fictional October day on which characters Donna and Tom treat themselves to everything they want. After all, they’ve worked hard for it.

Treat yourself to something that will make you happy, whether it’s the start of your work week, school week, or a typical Monday. It might be a cupcake, a Starbucks coffee, a favorite take-out meal, or simply taking some time to treat yourself. You’ve worked hard for it, and you’ve earned it! 

6. Play that Tune

Mondays are the worst. While you consider that unfortunate truth, we’ll tell you that there is a technique to elevate your spirit and attitude to combat the Monday blues. The art of music is the cure.

We propose creating a diverse playlist for the different moods you will undoubtedly experience during the day to help change a general attitude of scorn and apathy towards the first day of the work week. Mondays can be a drag, but your music selection doesn’t have to be. Your favorite songs can help get you over the Monday blues.

7. Turn Monday into a Fun day

How often do we schedule a team lunch, happy hour, or dinner? Consider rescheduling those activities for Monday. If team members don’t want to have a meal together or happy hour, take everyone for a lunchtime walk. This lets everyone get to know each other more. And, the added benefit of some sunlight and activity will help you avoid an all-too-common afternoon slump.

8. Make someone else happy

What could be better than pampering yourself? Why, taking care of someone else, of course. 

Bring donuts to work. Buy a coffee for the person in line behind you. Pay a compliment to the clerk. Write a thank-you note to someone who has been of help to you to express your gratitude for their time and skills. Hold a door open for someone. If you have pals who work from home, you can get them presents to brighten their day.

But more than that, be open to the concept. If you get up on Monday to improve someone else’s day, good things will surround you, and therefore raise your spirits too.

Final Word

Don’t you think it’s about time we quit hating Monday? There’s no need to despise it. Think beyond the box to get a greater appreciation for LIFE. It’s not as horrible as you think. Your friends, family, and coworkers are all people you should be grateful for. Take charge of your life rather than allowing it to control you.

So take a deep breath and relax. Make some space in your schedule for yourself. And see how much of a difference you can make on Mondays.

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