10 Best & Craziest Local TV Ads

We’ve all been witness to a bad commercial before. How about those darned class action lawsuit ads that are always popping up during my Jeopardy! program. They’re horrible but I’ve gotten somewhat immune to viewing them.

Here are some truly awful local TV ad spots. I’d doubt if it wasn’t for YouTube and the internets these would have never brought them any traffic whatsoever. But in this day and age the saying “there is no bad press” is even more true. I’ll bet having this horrible commercials at least got them some interest.

10.) “Falls off the bone!” BBQ

9.)”Girl you ain’t heard?!”

8.)Norton Furniture is here for you

7.)”I’m tow up from the flow up!”

6.)“South Carolina’s #1 Butt Satisfier”

5.)Cheap! Cheap! Fun! Fun!

4.)”What am I supposed to do with these?”

3.) Moo & Oink sell you meat

2.) Weird Al Look-A-Like “Mack Daddy”

1.) The Gynecologist/Car Salesman

Of course there is the Lifetime Achievement Award for:

Flea Market Montgomery

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