Why Entrepreneurs Should Watch One Movie a Month (at Least)

I know people who brag for not having watched a movie in months. They proclaim to be hyper-focused and productive, thereby not “wasting time” on “silly” things like movies.

I get it. Sitting down for two hours to watch one film might feel unproductive or like wasted time to busy entrepreneurs, compared to working more or just relaxing. But it is Oscar season. It’s a time to recognize that films can serve as a positive distraction. And, watching absolutely nothing designed by some of the most creative minds in the world, is a missed opportunity in my opinion.

Films bring many benefits. Here are four key reasons why entrepreneurs should at least watch one movie, once a month.

You’ll become more cultured.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been in a conversation and friends or colleagues have been talking about recent or older films.

Whenever I’ve seen the movie and can participate in the laughs over specific scenes it creates a moment of fun. Joining in debates over plot makes me feel significantly more clued-in and connected with co-workers. When I haven’t seen the movie, on the other hand, I sit by idly waiting for the conversation to transition.

The more movies you’ve seen, the more you can participate in these discussions and engage with others. Even just one movie a month will open up a dozen new, exciting conversation topics each year.

Furthermore, movies often speak to cultures and ideologies in society. By watching films, you’ll learn a deeper appreciation and understanding of the way certain people feel or think.

One of last year’s big winners, Get Out, for example, while comedic in many ways, was also a serious look at racism in the U.S. and it opened my eyes to individual experiences and deepened my empathy.

Watch one movie and you’ll learn about new topics and ideas.

Many movies tell historical stories or teach different ideas. The Big Short, for example, looked at the 2008 financial crash and taught me a significant amount about what actually happened and why.

There are movies that touch-on just about any topic you can imagine, from the financial world to Chinese history, to the Civil War. Consequently, you can use movies as an entertaining tool to learn. It’s a lightweight way to broaden your knowledge about any topic you choose. The plot, artistic vision, and engaging content within movies also make learning new things easier and more enjoyable.

Films are an inspiring form of art.

It’s easy to see movies as just a form of entertainment meant to keep you on your butt instead of doing something productive. That’s a jaded perspective from people who don’t have a vision, yet. Movies are much more than that narrow context.

Some of the most creative people in the world write, direct, act, and participate in other ways in movies. Just like an enticing book, they are a form of art. Therefore, watching one movie a month can give you a peek into different types of art and creativity.

Such feats of imagination and genius are both enjoyable in their own right and can be greatly motivational. I remember feeling inspired after watching Good Will Hunting, for example. As I watched that movie I felt determined to work even harder, explore my analytical self and take risks.

As an entrepreneur, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are critical for your success. Finding inspiration from movies can keep you on a sustainable path towards success.

Movies are a much-needed, relaxing break from life.

Entrepreneurs should watch at least one film a month simply to decompress and get away from work stress.

Here’s something that will come as no surprise. The recent Justice League movie wasn’t good. But, you know what? I actually found it somewhat enjoyable and it helped pass two hours in a fun, relaxing way. It’s not too often in the life of running a company that you can take two hours to sit back and get lost in something without having to think about your stress or responsibilities.

Justice League, like many “so-so” movies, provides a perfect outlet to help you leave reality, even if it’s only for an instant. Today more than ever before, you have access to just about any movie you can imagine. This means you can watch whatever suits you, “so-so” or not.

Whether you’re in the mood to take a few minutes and have fun watching what you think is enjoyable, or watch with friends and family and see what they think is enjoyable, you are free to do this. However you want to use your time, it’s still using it wisely to watch a movie at least once a month.

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