How Changing Your Self-Worth Will Bring Business Success 

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People do not work towards things they do not believe they can achieve. Self-worth is vital. The power of confidence in not only your abilities, but in you as a person, is instrumental to succeeding in your endeavors. Bob Proctor teaches many different avenues to follow for success. But, one of his lessons in particular makes a significant difference.

Bob Proctor’s Lesson on Self-Image

Proctor states that self-image is the most important lesson for everyone to learn. He says it should be instilled into children before they even enter school. However, there are people who go through their entire lives without ever learning this lesson. 

Self-image is a paradigm that is fixed in our subconscious, and if people do not work to change this paradigm, any success or changes will be temporary. You must change the paradigm to change results.  

Your Self-Worth Determines Success or Failure

There are people who have such positive energy that you are inexplicably drawn to them. You’ve also probably encountered people who appear confident, but do not possess that same magnetism. This is due to the difference in their deep-rooted self-image. People who have self-love draw positivity and success into their lives. It is possible to alter the self-image into a truly confident one, and as a result, attracting more success.

Tips to Improve your Self-Image

Changing your self-image is possible, and it does not require you to have already accomplished great things and made huge successful leaps. As long as you shift your mindset to appreciation, these small steps will collectively lead you to a significant improvement.

Identify Your True Self-Image

It’s important to understand yourself and your opinion of yourself in order to make meaningful changes. Take the time to write down everything you think about yourself so you can have a visual reference and deeper understanding of what you need to work on. 

By analyzing what you think and feel, you will know where to start and what in your life needs to be shifted. Remove those limitations and replace them with self-belief.

Think of People you admire

Identify the people you admire, whether they’re a celebrity, friend, co-worker, etc. Then explore what it is specifically that you like about them. Look at their individual qualities then you will start to understand what it is that you value, and what you want to improve upon.  

Focusing on small accomplishments helps self-worth

Instead of focusing on what you have not done, focus on what you have done. This can be as simple as appreciating yourself for learning how to tie your shoes. By saying to yourself “I’m glad I learned that skill. I’m happy with myself”, you will start to influence your subconscious (and your self-worth). 

This appreciation should be in all small accomplishments and endeavors. By remembering that small triumph, you will reverse negativity. This is instrumental in improving self-worth. You only need mini victories to redirect yourself into a positive self-image. 

Identify Your Future Self-Image 

Once you get a firm grasp on where your current self-image lies, start to imagine where your self-image would be after accomplishing certain goals and achieving success.  Determine the difference and start to mold yourself into that person you know you are bound to become. 

When you know in your mind that you are capable, you will remove fear. This confidence in what you can achieve will remove the obstacle of concern, allowing you to act faster without hesitation, bringing you to success more quickly.

Don’t Let Others Determine your Self-Image (or Your Self-Worth)

Anytime you encounter people who tell you their negative opinion of you, don’t let it affect your opinion of yourself. If you instill a strong identity in yourself, you will not allow others to influence your self-image. Practicing a mindset of “that’s not an accurate representation of me, I know who I am” will keep your positive self-image in place. 

Buried beneath the weight of other people’s opinions, your own feelings of insecurity or lack of worthiness is a perfect vision of yourself, and when we express ourselves fully, we are able to fulfill all of our desires in life, including in the business world. 

Having a positive self-image will transform your success rate in your endeavors. If you do not believe you can accomplish something, the will power to work towards it is essentially non-existent. This lack of belief starts at the core of your self-image. Once you can embrace yourself and appreciate all that comes with you, you will remove blocks that your subconscious has placed in front of you. You cannot out-perform your self-image, so do not allow it to be what limits you.

About the Author:

Kathleen Cameron is a manifestation and success coach. As a Bob Proctor client and now coach, Kathleen went through Proctor’s training and has applied those lessons to her own business, Diamond Academy, as well as sharing the lessons with her clients.  The lesson that made a huge difference in her life was Self-Image. She used what Proctor taught her and created a new self-image, then launched her coaching business. She broke records and became one of Proctor’s top coaches globally, entering his Inner Circle in 3 months and receiving her Silver pin in 4 months. What changed for her was she fell in love with herself and believed she could do anything. Now she helps others do the same thing. If you’d like more tips to improve your self-image, contact Kathleen via her website.

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