Going Viral Helps Bully Victim’s Self Esteem

I’m pretty sure by now you’ve seen the video of bully victim Casey Heynes. The Australian kid who was always being picked on…until one day a bully took it a little too far and Casey retaliated.

The school ended up suspending both students as they have a strict no fighting policy but since the video went viral, millions of people have taken to Casey’s defense for his defense.

It’s very interesting to me to see a story like this. 10 years ago it would have never happened. He would have been suspended, the parents would have been called in and the kids would probably just had detention for a few days. That would be the end of it.

But now in these days of video cell phones, the internets and YouTube, things like this take on a whole new life of their own. Once this took off online millions of people spoke out on how they felt about the bullying and were for the most part in support of Casey’s actions.

This has brought his self esteem to a whole new level and he now feels that what he did was the proper thing to do. Sure he didn’t want to resort to violence but when someone is attacking you that might be the only left to do. I’ll bet that from here on out he won’t need to lift a finger again. Here’s a report on Heynes.

Here is bully Richard Gale’s apology:

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