Small Business Consulting Services Explained: How to Find a Great One

Your business idea may have started with a single seed, but soon enough, you found yourself managing an entire financial ecosystem. That’s why many entrepreneurs turn to small business consulting to help them navigate the complexities and demands of business ownership.

The following guide will introduce you to the world of small business consulting, including the types and benefits of small business consultants and why hiring a professional may be the key to unlocking your company’s full potential.

Understanding Small Business Consulting

Small business consulting can help you launch or refine your business. Here’s what you can expect from a small business consulting service.

What Is Small Business Consulting?

A small business consultant is an independent, third-party entity (a company or a freelance consultant) that offers industry-leading advice on how to develop your business. Think of a consultant as a coach, offering advice and guidance on such vital topics as:

  • Sales strategies
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Project management
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Financial management
  • Strategic planning

Small business consultants can provide comprehensive guidance on multiple aspects of your company, though some consulting services focus on specific areas of your business. Some small business consulting firms even offer staffing solutions to supplement your existing staff, or they can guide you through the process of finding new talent.

The Benefits of Small Business Consulting Services

Small business consulting services can help business owners build their brand and streamline their core operations. As a result, business leaders can expect such benefits as:

  • Expertise and objective guidance on your business
  • Access to the latest market research
  • Customized coaching tailored to your small business
  • Assistance with back-office tasks (accounting, HR, etc.)
  • More sales, thanks to improved marketing/sales strategies

The more you can increase the efficiency of your business processes, the more time you and your staff can devote to growing your core business. That often translates into real dollars, especially when a consulting firm can reduce your overhead costs or boost sales.

How to Find a Great Small Business Consulting Service

In the incredibly complex world of consulting, finding the best small business consulting service for your business can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what you need to know for your search and how to work with them to achieve success once you find a great match.

Types of Small Business Consultants

Hiring a consultant can be a strategic move for many small business owners. But not all business consultants are the same. The following are two broad approaches to small business consulting, though you’ll still find areas of specialization within each model.

Small Business Consulting Firm

A small business consulting firm is an entire agency devoted to consulting with small businesses. The advantage of this model is that small businesses can usually get advice on multiple areas of business, from strategic planning to business development. However, some firms (such as design firms) offer specialized support for areas like marketing, IT, or accounting.

Freelance/Independent Small Business Consultants

You may also consider partnering with an independent small business consultant. On the one hand, you won’t get the team approach of an entire firm, but many freelance consultants can provide detailed knowledge of a particular area of the industry. For example, you might contract with a legal consultant when drafting new supplier contracts or a marketing consultant to assist with web development.

Consulting Service Models

What is the cost of a small business consultant? The answer depends on the pricing model used by the firm. The following are the most common types of consulting service models in use.

Hourly Consulting

The most straightforward pricing model requires you to pay an hourly rate. This is a common pricing model in legal consulting or businesses that provide training — though this can become expensive in the long term.

Project-Based Consulting

Many small businesses hire consultants to assist with specific projects. This is an ideal pricing strategy for small business owners looking for help with things like web development, marketing assistance, or management consulting.

Value-Based Pricing

Some consulting businesses use a value-based pricing model. This means that fees vary based on the value that the consultant delivers to your business. This can make the consulting services more affordable, though it’s hard to reliably estimate the upfront costs.

Retainer-Based Consulting

In a retainer-based pricing model, small businesses maintain a consistent partnership with an outside consultant. Services are then rendered on an as-needed basis. This can be an ideal setup for IT, legal, and public relations-based consulting businesses.

Hybrid Approach

These pricing models are not mutually exclusive. A small consulting business might use a combination of these pricing structures. For instance, a consulting firm may charge a flat fee for a project but also offer retainer services for future projects.

Make sure to calculate out each model you are offered when shopping around for a consultant. Sometimes it isn’t as obvious as it seems and can take a bit of math to make sure you’re choosing the best-priced model.

Strategies for Business Growth

If you want to grow your business, a small business consultant can help. Business consulting services can drive business development and help you set and achieve KPIs. Here’s how.

Selecting the Right Business Model

A small business consulting firm can offer insight into the ideal business model. For instance, you might introduce an e-commerce platform alongside your brick-and-mortar retail location to expand your customer base. In the early days of your business, a consultant can help you craft a business plan to help you secure financing to grow your business.

Developing a Brand Strategy

Marketing consultants can assist you in crafting your brand strategy. The right marketing plan can increase brand awareness among your target market. A consulting business brings the necessary knowledge and expertise to identify your unique value proposition and communicate this value to your audience.

Navigating Business Challenges

Even if your business is poised for growth, you can still face obstacles that stifle your ability to thrive. For example, a business consulting service can identify areas of inefficiency or pinpoint ways to reduce your overhead costs. Alternatively, a consulting business can also help you connect with future suppliers or employees to continue expanding your operations.

Financial Planning

A financial advisor can review your business finances and create a path to ensure positive cash flow. A small business consultant can also provide guidance on future financing options to help you fund new business initiatives and expansion projects.

Making Informed Business Decisions

Small business consulting services can help entrepreneurs make impactful informed business decisions. The importance of great advice at critical moments cannot be overstated. Business leaders rely on this guidance to maximize revenue and allocate resources for the greatest strategic advantage. Additionally, a third-party consultant can offer objective analysis and insights based on industry trends, giving you an edge over the competition.

How Small Business Consultants Contribute to Business Decisions

By developing strong relationships with business consultants, you gain access to effective communication and objective analysis of your business. These small business consulting services can guide your decisions by:

  • Analyzing your business data and identifying patterns and trends
  • Providing insight based on industry trends
  • Performing competitive analysis to compare company strategies
  • Calculating potential benefits and offering tangible advice

Depending on your consultant, you might obtain insights from direct conversations or carefully prepared written reports.

Turning Advice Into Impact

Small business consulting firms provide their clients with valuable advice. But it’s up to each business owner to determine how to leverage this advice for maximum impact. However, many organizations benefit from consulting services that assist with company leadership. In one survey, 87% of respondents claimed that executive coaching brought a significant ROI.

Your small business can experience similar benefits. Do you struggle with making decisions about the future? Are you unsure what data is the most significant? A small business consultant can help you make smart business decisions and grow more confident about the future of your company.

Specialized Consulting for Key Business Aspects

Consulting services come with many areas of specialization, all of which can be tailored to your organization’s specific goals. Here are some of the areas of specialization that can assist your small business.

Strategic Consultants

Some consultants focus on strategic planning and high-level decision-making. These advisors can assist in long-range planning and help you align your current operations with your business goals.

Marketing Consultants

A marketing consultant will provide guidance on your marketing strategies and can provide you with access to the latest market research. They can help you devise a new marketing plan, public relations strategy, and other tactics to fuel business growth.

Financial Consultants

Financial consulting services focus on your financial and accounting needs. A consultant can help you assess your current financial health and assist with financial projections to help you refine your business strategy.

Operations Consultants

An operations consultant will provide broad guidance on how you manage your resources and conduct your day-to-day business decisions. Operations consulting firms can help you tweak your current business model and can also provide valuable guidance for project management.

Negotiation Consultants

If you ever find yourself negotiating for a massive contract or maybe even an acquisition offer, you may want to seek the help of professional negotiators. A great negotiation consultant can coach you and your team to help you make the best presentation and decision in any kind of negotiation.

HR Consultants

Human resources (HR) consultants will help you manage your most valuable asset: your employees. HR professionals can assist with hiring and onboarding processes and can even provide training materials to help new staff members acclimate to your company culture. And if layoffs become necessary, an HR consultant can help you and your employees navigate a difficult transition.

Legal and Regulatory Consultants

As a small business owner, you’re subject to an evolving set of legal and industry regulations. A small business consultant can ensure that you comply with all requirements to minimize risk. Additionally, legal consultants can also review business contracts and other key documents.

Tailoring Solutions to Your Business

With so many options to choose from, how do you settle on the best small business consulting services? The secret is to find a consultant who understands your industry and can provide tailored solutions for your business. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to business. You need a consultant who listens to your small business needs and can provide smart solutions to your unique challenges.

Where Your Business Is Going: A Consultant’s Perspective

One of the most helpful benefits of a small business consultant is the objective, outside perspective that they can bring to your organization. A consultant has the expertise to evaluate your company’s history and current goals and then offer guidance on what decisions you can make to best achieve those goals.

Aligning Sales and Marketing

What is the current ROI on your marketing strategy? If your marketing campaigns aren’t achieving measurable success, it may be time to reevaluate the relationship between your marketing plan and your sales tactics.

Small business consulting services can help you connect the dots between your sales strategy and your marketing plan. An outside consultant can bring insider knowledge and market research to help you refine your brand strategy and develop KPIs to track your progress moving forward.


Building a Solid Business Foundation

Even if your business has been in operation for a while, there is never a bad time to examine your company’s foundations. That way, you can have greater confidence that your business is operating at peak efficiency and that you’re accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

Strategic Consultants: Key to Achieving Business Goals

Small businesses can suffer from “mission drift,” where your current operations no longer align with the goals you originally set. Business owners can benefit from a consulting service that offers insight into realigning business practices with core goals.

Strategic consultants can help you clarify your existing business goals or set new ones altogether. They can also help small businesses set benchmarks to measure progress toward the target.

Leveraging Experienced Consultants

Naturally, you will want to work with an experienced consultant or a firm that offers expertise in your industry or your specific needs. When shopping for consulting services, look for things such as:

  • A proven track record of service in your industry
  • Strong customer reviews and testimonials
  • Credentials that correspond to their area of expertise (e.g., CPA for financial consultants)

If you’re looking for something very specific, you might want to reach out to your business network to ask for recommendations on the best legal/marketing consultant in the industry.

Navigating Pricing Structures

The pricing models outlined above show just how varied consulting services can be. Some charge an hourly rate, some charge by the project, while others adopt a hybrid approach. As a business owner, you’ll need to select a consultant whose pricing model matches your current business needs.

Note that consulting pricing will depend on a large number of factors that may not come to mind at first including the industry, the consultant’s experience, and more so make sure to do your research before finalizing an agreement.

consulting fees

Calculating the ROI on a Consulting Service

The most important factor to consider is the ROI of your business consultant. Great consultants are often quite valuable but you don’t want to waste the money if you don’t need them. The most direct way is to measure the economic impact of the consultant using the following formula:

ROI (%) = [(Benefits achieved – Total coaching costs) / (Total coaching costs)] x 100%

So if your business increased profits by $4,000, and the coaching costs were $1,500, you would have achieved a net benefit of $2,500 ($4,000 – $1,500). Your ROI would, therefore, be 167% ($2,500/$1,500).

However, there are other benefits to consulting that are not as easy to quantify as revenue or profits. For instance, a marketing consulting service may assist by improving conversion rates or online engagements. Small business owners should think carefully about the goals they wish to achieve and how much they’re willing to spend to reach those goals.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Consultant

Before you commit to hiring a consultant, it may help you to think through the following questions:

  • What are my immediate business goals?
  • What are my greatest business challenges?
  • How much of my budget can I commit to a third-party consultant?
  • What is the consultant’s pricing model?
  • Are there long-term contracts involved in the service?
  • What are the consultant’s credentials?
  • What are other customers saying about the consulting service?

These questions can help you decide whether to invest in a consultant as a one-time expense or commit to a longer relationship for additional projects in the future.

Growing With Small Business Consulting

As you can see, a small business consulting service can transform your business by:

  • Aligning your current processes with your strategic goals
  • Offering objective guidance for the road ahead
  • Providing expert advice on specialized areas like finance or marketing
  • Tailoring their advice based on your unique business

But like any business decision, it is important to define your goals and set a budget to make a smart choice about investing in a small business consulting service.

You can take the next steps for your business by researching small business consulting services. The best services will offer a customized approach to meet your needs and help you navigate your most significant challenges as a small business owner. In the end, it’s your company, but a skilled consultant can help your business reach its truest potential.

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