John Boitnott KEYT Resume Tape from 2005

Boitnott resume tape

In the spirit of self-promotion that I sometimes engage in, let’s take a trip down memory lane with some of my on-air TV reporting work that I use to do for KEYT Channel 3 in Santa Barbara.

For years I worked as a part-time reporter at the small-market TV station and ended up working on hundreds of stories. By the time I began searching for other TV jobs, I had quite a few TV stories to choose from as I edited together my resume tape. Because all of the material on the tape combined to be longer than six minutes, I thought it best to divide the footage up into two segments.

I worked at KEYT in Santa Barbara for 10 years in total. For 5 of those years, I did part-time reporting work. I began to work more regularly the last two of those years. This tape, in addition to being a nostalgia piece for me personally, represents some of the best TV journalism I did while I was in Santa Barbara.

The first part of the tape was put onto just one YouTube video and it contains a montage of some of my “stand-ups” from various stories. Some of the stand-ups are actual live intros or wraps that I did into and out of my stories which aired on TV. Others are during the stories themselves.

Here is Part II, which contains two stories:

You will notice that my old address is on one of the tapes. It is customary for someone looking to find a job in TV to place their address at the beginning of the tape so the employer can contact the job seeker. I haven’t lived at that address in years, so I didn’t think it would cause any harm.

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