How To Improve Your Business’s Wi-Fi Network

Your business relies on Wi-Fi for both intraoffice and outside connections. When the internet goes down, your staff starts heading home for the day, and you may lose money due to a lack of productivity.

You should know how to improve your business’s Wi-Fi network so you can keep your operations running smoothly. Keep reading to find out how to get a better Wi-Fi signal.

Reposition Your Router

Consider the placement of your router. You should place your router in a secure location where no one will bump it or shut it off on accident. You should also position it in a central part of the building to ensure the signal covers as much area as possible. Furthermore, you’ll want to avoid interference from electronics and metals. Common items that can interfere with your business Wi-Fi include:

  • TVs
  • Microwaves
  • Lamps
  • Monitors
  • Walls

Reset Your Router

Sometimes, you need to give your router a break. You may improve the Wi-Fi signal in your office by resetting your router. Turn it off for a few seconds and turn it back on again for a better connection.

Boost Your Coverage

If you operate your business on a large property, a single router won’t provide Wi-Fi to every corner of your building. You can boost your signal with a repeater antenna, so your mobile devices work no matter where you go on your property. Some of the benefits of a distributed antenna system (DAS) include improved coverage and fewer drops. Hire engineers to design and install DAS in your building.

Extend Your Coverage

Take your connection anywhere you go. You can turn your vehicle into an office, so you never miss a call. You can also store extra files in your trunk so that you can grab them while on the go. Further, you can use your cell phone as a hot spot and connect to the internet on your laptop. Consider a laptop with a powerful battery that will last while working in the car.

Pro Tip: Don’t use your devices while you are driving. Carpool with co-workers or hire a driver to take you where you need to go.

Diversify Your Connection Types

Your Wi-Fi connection can weaken if too many devices connect to the router. Use Ethernet cables for the stationary devices in your office, like computers and printers. You should only use wireless internet for your mobile devices like tablets, laptops, and cell phones. Further, laptops can connect to ethernet cables when stationary and near a power source.

To save money and increase productivity, you must know how to improve your business’s Wi-Fi network. By repositioning your router and boosting the signal, you can avoid frustrating connection problems. Take these steps today to stay connected tomorrow.

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Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

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