What’s Really Going on With Klout & Why it’s Important to Your Business [infographic]

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My friend Mark Bartikoski brought this article and infographic to my attention. It was posted on Business 2 Community..


Whether we like it or not, Klout is here to stay, brands use it to find influencers who will in turn become advocates, companies use it when they’re interviewing perspective employees and many of our peers pay attention to it too.


Once scrutinized for its methods and criticized as being nothing more than an online zodiac, Klout has nevertheless secured its place in the social media…


Included in this piece is a tip sheet to help you raise your score.


How does Klout measure your score?


**The number of people you influence + how much you influence them + how influential they are = your Klout Score


What goes into your score?


**Retweets and mentions


**Comments, wall posts and likes


**Tips, to-do’s, done


**Comments, shares, +1s


Each user gets 5 +K each day to distribute to other users they consider influential


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