Super Heroes To The Rescue

I’ve always been a huge fan of Public Broadcasting, but as you know being that’s it’s public, they don’t have the huge sums of money that other stations do. They rely on a small set of advertisers and viewers like you and I to donate. Well this guy works for PBS and recently received this letter from a viewer.

I want more than anything to see “Super Heroes to the Rescue” become a reality. Do you think we could start an internet groundswell and make Noah’s dream come true? I don’t think the (much appreciated I’ll bet), $1 will be adequate to produce an entirely new show. We’re going to have to get a lot of people behind this movement. So what say you internets…can we help a 5-year old boy out?

I know one thing, he’s already helped me out. He has brought back the kid in me and inspired me to start dreaming again, regardless if the end goal seems out of reach. Thanks Noah, I owe you one.


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