Boitnott Talks VVM New Year Goals on Larry Chiang Crunchup Video

I have learned so much about my FICO score from Larry Chiang. But more than that, he is one of the nicest people I have met in the Bay Area tech community so far. When I went the latest Crunchup in San Francisco, a mutual friend kinda “handed me off” to Larry and next thing I know I was being introduced to people, talking all about what I do, and generally being made to feel like I matter. It’s always nice when someone does that for you.

He apparently doesn’t just do that for a few people. This video is a perfect example of how how he includes all sorts of folks and interviews them on camera. Chiang made this video at the Crunchup. In it, he interviews a bunch of people, including myself. Towards the end, I talk about Village Voice’s new marijuana blog “Toke of the Town” and my company’s goals for the new year.

Chiang is an interesting guy and has a lot to say about being a mentor, getting mentored, how to work a room, and what you aren’t taught in business school. He gives advice to people looking for better credit at this site. Check him out on Twitter here.

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