Is There a Reason Why Glenn Beck Cries All the Time?

Well maybe this is a reason. I can’t say I’m surprised and I can’t say I’m disappointed. After years of spilling vitriolic hate speech onto the nation’s radio airwaves as well as TV, Glenn Beck is finally getting what he deserves. Here’s a report I found on the TV newsletter called Shoptalk:

“About a dozen companies have withdrawn their commercials from “Glenn Beck,” the Fox News Channel program, after Glenn Beck, the person, said late last month that President Obama was a racist with a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

The companies that have moved their ads elsewhere in recent days included ConAgra, Geico, Procter & Gamble and the insurance company Progressive. In a statement that echoed the comments of other companies, ConAgra said on Thursday that “we are firmly committed to diversity, and we would like to prevent the potential perception that advertising during this program was an endorsement of the viewpoints shared.”

Several things here. I remember when Bill Maher got fired from ABC years ago because he did not subscribe properly to the Bush/corporate agenda of starting wars for no real reason and hiding it all in false accusations of weapons of mass destruction. Could it be that the corporations and the special interests that largely control the country have started to shift their position so much that someone like Glenn Beck can’t survive – even at an organization such as Fox News?

I’m actually really interested to see what Fox News does here. They know they have a cash cow from an advertising perspective as long as they continue to put forth content that effectively reaches the three or four million active conservatives in the country who are often not willing to check out viewpoints from the other side of the aisle. Beck is perfect material for many of those people, who quite frankly tend to agree with him that President Obama is a racist. The lunatic fringe exists in America, has money, and will spend it on products that advertise on Fox News. It takes guts from major corporations to shun those who love that network. I applaud Geico and the rest for attempting to launder themselves of the hate that exists in our society.

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