Have Your Tweets Read Aloud By Cuteness

The Japanese love their Twitter and they just got another cool way use it. Toy maker Takara Tomy has announced Twimal (short for “Twitter Animal”), a super-cute toy “pet” that can read your tweets out loud. The white version does this with a female voice, while the blue Twimal uses a male voice

Takara Tomy says that once connected via USB (Windows XP/Vista/7 only), the Twimal is able to track and read your own tweets, replies, up to three hash tags, tweets coming from users on lists, tweets coming from specific users etc.

The Twimal will be available in Japan starting March 31 (price: $31). Too bad this is only availble in Japan and I’m pretty sure it only “speaks” Japanese, but maybe if it takes off there, they’ll release an English version.


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