Facebook To Share Users’ Home Addresses & Phone Numbers

In response to a letter by Representatives Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Joe Barton (R-Texas) expressing concern over the new proposed functionality, Facebook confirmed that it will be allowing third parties to request access to users’ addresses and phone numbers.


“We expect that, once the feature is re-enabled, Facebook will again permit users to authorize applications to obtain their contact information. However, we are currently evaluating methods to further enhance user control in this area.” – Facebook’s Marne Levine, vice president of global public policy.

Facebook has gotten a lot of heat for its stance on user privacy and has gotten quite a bit of backlash at times for its policies about user data. They often tread a fine line of pleasing the userbase as well as third-party applications and advertisers. How do you feel about all this? Here is Rep. Markey’s response:

“I’m pleased that Facebook’s response indicated that it’s looking to enhance its process for highlighting for users when they are being asked for permission to share their contact information. I’m also encouraged that Facebook is deciding whether to allow applications on the site to request contact information from minors. I don’t believe that applications on Facebook should get this information from teens, and I encourage Facebook to wall off access to teen’s contact information if they enable this new feature.”

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