Facebook To Add Video Chat

As if we didn’t see this coming. In its most recent addition, Facebook plans to team up with the hugely popular video conferencing platform Skype to offer video chat to it’s users.

With over 600 million users, Facebook will quickly become one of the top video chat services once this feature is released widely. Both Google and Apple have tried to squeeze into the market, but I think that once Facebook integrates this feature their piece of the pie will diminish greatly.

It seems to me that Facebook can pretty much dominate any given service they want if they feel like implementing it. The biggest or toughest part for them is making it seamless with what they’ve already got in place as to not irk the users as they have in the past with updates.

The video chat is still in beta and under development. There is no exact date on when it will be released to everyone but it is expected to be rolled out in the near future.

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