Meet 5-year old Joey, the Junior Reporter for the Chicago Blackhawks. He asks the tough hitting questions like “How much do you get from the Tooth Fairy?” and “Who’s the biggest turkey on the team?” This cute little bugger is better than most of the reporters covering the NHL and he’s just a half century...
This is an incredible display of bravery by Seattle’s KOMO4 reporter Shomari Stone. While doing a report at Pike Place’s Victor Steinbrueck Park a fight broke out. What did the reporter do? Naturally he stepped in and diffused the situation. What makes this a bit more impressive is that the man he helped rescue has...
Ouch! That’s quite a zing this anchorwoman delivers to her co-host. Pretty quick and witty if you ask me. I love to see awkward moments like this on live TV. Matter of fact, things like this make we watch more than the news itself. Apparently Natarsha Belling of Australia’s TEN News doesn’t like her work...
It’s very easy to develop a man crush on the best American reporter in the Middle East. Richard Engel is nice, polite and has written two books. He’s also been churning out some of the best reporting on the Egypt revolution (and the soon to come other revolutions) this side of Al-Jazeera. His Wikipedia page...
It looks like not only has Egypt managed to shut off the internet to its citizens, its also managed to move itself entirely to a new location (amongst other nations). Fox News is at it once again with their “quick to air, fact check later” routine. It still blows my mind every time I see...
I’ll admit it, I would not want to be weatherman Jim Cantore in the field during Chicago’s most recent snowstorm. He’s certainly got more guts than myself to get out there and get his job done. I would be nestled up by the fire with a warm mug of hot cocoa. He does however get...
Pretty soon here if you manage to make it out to your local supermarket, odds are you’ll be innudated with a mob of cute little munchkins donned in their little uniforms all adorned with their latest badges. Otherwise known as the Girl Scouts of America. They’ll be standing there with smiles across their faces trying...
Egyptian Revolution Video
This story about the Egyptian Revolution appeared on back in 2010. At that time, the country of Egypt found itself in a stage of remarkable upheaval. Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets, rallying against the rule of an autocrat named Hosni Mubarak. These events captured the world’s attention for weeks. Because...
Sometimes “sideline” journalism can be quite a tough job. There are endless perils and risks that one might encounter. They often times have to brave the elements and put themselves right in the action. Our hats go off to the valiant souls that put their bodies on the line just to capture a fleeting moment for viewers...
  A big disappointment today: The FCC and the Department of Justice have signed off on the Comcast/NBC merger, paving the way for a single enormous media conglomerate to obtain unprecedented control over the flow of information in our country. I’ll be candid with you: This is an awful development for those of us who...
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