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Caring for the body and mind are essential to business success as well as personal fulfillment. While wholesale lifestyle changes are one way to accomplish that goal, you can also substitute smaller changes and still see impressive benefits. Practicing the self-care habit helps you avoid health issues that keep you from working (or worse). It’s...
Negativity seemingly always bombards us in the news and in our social media timelines these days. If you want to combat this, one surefire method is to adopt a social-good strategy for your business. For many years now, companies both large and small have sought to improve the world throughcorporate social responsibility by implementing practices such as volunteerism, ethical sourcing,...
Recent research shows that 75 percent of all startups ultimately fail, many of those within the first year of their existence. Nobody likes failure, obviously, even as we recognize that there are many lessons to be learned from the experience. Still, when we’re talking about a failed startup, the cost of failure can be pretty steep — sunk costs that can’t...

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I am a tech writer and journalist for more than 20 years who contributes to several respected online publications including BusinessInsiderInc., and Entrepreneur. In addition to journalism, writing about social good companies…

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