July 2012
See on – Infographics and Social Media How to Find Social Media Jobs in Less Than 5 Minutes Social networking sites do not only help people to keep in touch but also help job hunting much easier. See on
See on – Infographics and Social Media All the floorplans and other details…. See on
See on – Infographics and Social Media It’s no secret that social media is an important part of your job search. But how important is it? This infographic from (Job Seekers: Get Social Now! See on
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See on – Infographics and Social Media There are certain stereotypes that go along with being a millennial. Social media-obsessed and apathetic are two that I see thrown around most often. See on
See on – Infographics and Social Media Last week, Twitter ended its syndication agreement with LinkedIn. What happened? By Ryan Holmes, contributor FORTUNE — Like children of a troubled marriage, fans of Twitter and LinkedIn woke up th… See on
See on – Infographics and Social Media From the original article: “In the biggest study of its kind, we have found that there is strong correlation between the amount of tweets about a URL, and its Google ranking.   Key Stats:   1) Study shows that URLs receive a significant boost in Google rankings...
See on – Infographics and Social Media Infographic: Gender, Privacy & Social Media See on
See on – thefuture Scientist Ray Kurzweil claims humans could become immortal in as little as 20 years’ time through nanotechnology and an increased understanding of how the body works. See on
See on – Infographics and Social Media When it comes to the sexes on social media, there are a few places where the battle lines seem settled. See on
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