October 27, 2011
Via – Infographics and Social Media Social media is not just about building awareness. Today, marketers can use it to drive revenue. Here 5 ways to do it.Show original
Via – Infographics and Social Media RT @Geert_Ziff: 50%+ CMO’s underprepared for customer influence, social media & data explosion.Show original
Via – Infographics and Social Media Twitter has proved a lifesaver for teens using its location feature to signal authorities, and a forum tying together disparate ethnic groups in a common tragedy (Social media – a literal lifesaver:…Show original
Via – Infographics and Social Media New Study: Social Media has Outsized Impact on Sales and Brand Perception – MarketWatch…Show original
In the current state of internet affairs and the way new media is evolving with the world, social networks have been a huge influence in marketing, customer service, and an all-around way of staying updated to the things you hold most near and dear to your heart. Universities, Colleges, and even high schools have jumped...

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