Month: September 2018


Startup Life Can Be Tough. Here’s How to Stop Employee Turnover From Making it Worse

Just a few actions on your part can keep valued employees from trying to find greener pastures. Over three million Americans voluntarily leave their jobs each month. That’s according to recent Bureau of Labor statistics, which show that many of them leave because they’re confident that they can find work elsewhere. This cultural shift away from working for only a […]

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Success stories

6 Extraordinary Women Who Rose to the Pinnacle of Their Professions

The average woman earns more than 20 cents less than every dollar a man earns doing the same job. Last year an embarrassingly low 2 percentof venture capital dollars went to companies with female founders. According to a January 2018 online survey from non-profit Stop Street Harrassment, just over 80 percent of women say they’ve […]

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Tired of the Same Old Coffee Meeting? Try One of These 5 Activities Instead

“Let’s grab coffee sometime!” It’s one of the most common things I hear when someone wants to catch up, network or do business. It tends to follow a rote agenda as if it were any other business meeting, and the conversation sometimes stays a bit on the superficial side. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not […]

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How to Ride the Livestreaming Wave to Marketing Success

Live video marketing has become a must-do trend in the digital marketing community. Thanks to Snapchat, Facebook Live and other competing social media that connect users to brands in real-time, there’s been a surge in content creation that boosts social presence and builds brand loyalty while live streaming. It’s a no-brainer because from what I’ve […]

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