4 Reasons Why Your Boss Isn’t Thinking About Promoting You

4 Reasons Why Your Boss Isn’t Thinking About Promoting You

You or someone you know at a start-up company might want a promotion. Entrepreneurs always stay motivated to grow in their careers,...

You or someone you know at a start-up company might want a promotion. Entrepreneurs always stay motivated to grow in their careers, and promotions are part of growth in the workplace. There are differences between someone who simply wishes to be promoted and someone who is actively seeking a promotion. Many times, someone with higher merits will be looked over in favor of someone who has been campaigning for a promotion. Also, those brilliant minds who tend to be shy and introverted often do not convey their inner brilliance to their peers. Good work does not always speak for itself, especially in the fast-paced start-up world. Here are four reasons why start-up bosses are not thinking about granting those promotions, even to the most deserving candidates:

Your boss thinks you're satisfied where you are.

Are you expressing your ambition to mentors and co-workers? Sure, things are going great at your start-up. Maybe you’ve established job security. Maybe you like the free coffee at the local start-up incubator. You get along well with your co-workers (most of the time) and your projects are yielding better than expected returns. Are you in a state of satisfaction, contentment or complacency? If you truly want a promotion, stay mindful of that desire to grow. Remember you need to earn your promotion as well. Have you earned it?

You aren't taking ownership of your successes.

Your successes are only worth something to your career if your bosses know about them. You must find a way to market yourself.  Why do photographers and models keep portfolios? Portfolios are tangible records of success. Find a way to record your work. Portfolio your start-up successes, and in a casual way, make sure your boss pays attention to them. Your start-up boss is likely even more busy than you are, and humans easily forget. Make an impression and do not be afraid to remind your busy bosses of your good work and how granting you that promotion will improve your start-up company’s success.

You currently have no room for growth.

Can your start-up even afford to promote you? How can you gauge this? Do you see room for growth in your current situation? Are you prepared to entrench yourself in your start-up and battle for your promotions and future successes? Outshine your competition in the eyes of your boss! Gauge whether you can grow in the time frame you set for yourself. If your current position will not let you grow, take responsibility of your situation and maybe seek other options.

You simply never asked for a promotion.

Notice how each point started with the word "You"?  Taking ownership of the situations you put yourself into can be empowering if you have not fully embraced your self-efficacy. When you start taking responsibility, you begin to respect and plan against inevitable chaos. Ask your bosses, email your bosses, meet with them, call them, holler and use smoke signals. I cannot be held responsible for anything that happens if you holler too loud or burn down your office.

Remember, each individual piece of advice is part of a greater philosophy. Do not get stuck on one point and ignore the others. Reflect on all four points and find a way to act upon them in the start-up workplace. Understanding advice is not nearly as important as acting on it.

What the heck are you waiting for? Go and get that promotion! Send yourself and your start-up to the big leagues!

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