Year: 2014


Dear CEO: This Is Why Millennials Don’t Want to Work for You

It’s an issue that requires thinking outside the box–and if you can’t, that’s part of your problem. Source: See on – Infographics and Social Media

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Will a Startup Force Facebook or Twitter to Pay You for Posts?

With Facebook and others making billions off our social media activities, some startups are pushing business models that give users, in some cases, a majority of ad revenue. Will this change the landscape of social media as we know it? Source: See on – Infographics and Social Media

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Harvard Business School Graduates Are Flocking To Silicon Valley

Half of HBS’s class of 2014 flocked to one of two cities. Source:

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9 ways a well-designed site will boost SEO and engagement

  A well-designed website can lend a helping hand to SEO efforts, increase conversion rates, and improve interaction and engagement with site visitors. Source:

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Google is making an autofocusing contact lens

  The future of contact lenses is almost here. Source: Bring it on!

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Is Moving to Silicon Valley Right For You?

So, you have a dream about doing a startup and the Valley is calling. Let’s look at some pros and cons.


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How tech shuttles have shifted San Francisco’s market

  Location is usually the defining factor in pricing a home. Being close to shops, restaurants, nightlife and public transit all add value. San Francisco sellers can now add proximity to a tech shutt… Source:

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How You Can Apply SEO to Your Social Media Strategy

  Every day, there are more than 500 million tweets sent out onto Twitter. Approximately 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month. On a social networking website that has loads of traffic, how do you attract attention? Continue reading → Source:

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In a Shift, Tech Titans Embrace the GOP

  A reliable supporter of Democratic candidates in recent years, the tech industry seems to be making a right turn. Source:

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Silicon Valley’s Real Estate Crunch Is A Golden Opportunity For Other American Cities | TechCrunch

  When Curse CEO Hubert Thieblot told his employees last year that he was moving the company’s San Francisco headquarters to Huntsville, Alabama last year, they.. Source:

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