This Man Could Beat IBM’s Watson

This Man Could Beat IBM’s Watson

There is a lot of hype and hubbub surrounding IBM's Watson computer competing on Jeopardy! against two of the best contestants...

There is a lot of hype and hubbub surrounding IBM's Watson computer competing on Jeopardy! against two of the best contestants ever, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. It's quite an interesting idea and it will be fun to see how it spans out in the end. Will computer be able to beat human? Are electronics smarter than brains? As of last night he sure was kicking their butts (he had $35,734 to Rutter's $10,400 and Jennings' $4,000).

There is certainly something to be said about the "human" factor. A computer can not reason and "calculate" like we can. Here is an amazing example of what a human brain can do, and retain. I don't think Watson would be able to compete against him.

This chap is Bill McKaig, a Presbyterian Minister from Scotland on the British game show 15-1. He scored the maximum 433 points by going on a amazing tear of 40 correct answers (out of a possible 40). Quite the impressive feat if you ask me.


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    February 17


  2. Mike

    February 17

    I don't know if it can be called the "human" factor, but more of a "luck" factor. I'm not trying to say that this guy isnt really smart, but of the limitless questions that he could have been asked he got 40 that fell into the subset of those he knew the answer to (It didn't appear that he took any wild guesses). I dont know how he would fare against Watson, but if the definition of smartness is simply deciphering spoken language into a lower level language and mapping between question and answer then it stands to reason that computers will surpass the human brain in this respect because the capacity of the human brain is seemingly fixed while the storage space of continues to grow.

    I think the true test of intelligence is the ability to create original thought. Until a machine can produce an original piece of poetry, music, literature on its own and have it pass as something created by a person, then I would not say that machines have reached a level of intelligence comparable to humans.

    But back to Watson. I would have like to see it face off against the late Kim Peek (the inspiration for Rain Man) because Peek's brain was really pushing the limits of what humans are capable of.


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